17. Hello To My Listeners Around The World

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Here are some messages from me to you. This podcast is produced to help people to learn English as a foreign language. It is good listening practice and contains lessons on vocabulary and grammar for general English.

This episode is a chance for me to say hello to all my listeners around the world.

Every day, people from all over the world listen to and download my podcast. Some of them have been my students at The London School of English, but most of them, I have never met. In this podcast I’d like to say hello to you, and to answer some of the comments and questions you have emailed me. This is my chance to try and communicate to you, and ask you some questions.

Coming soon, podcasts about:

More Phrasal Verbs
Passive Verb Forms
British Weather
Narrative Tenses
Dr Who
…and many more!

Here’s a picture of my map which shows me my website visitors come from. Here’s some information for yesterday. We can see that Russia is the winner with 473 page views! (date: 12 June 2014)
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24 thoughts on “17. Hello To My Listeners Around The World

  1. Aleksei

    Hello, Luke! Just a quick word. I’m new to your podcast. I started listening to it a couple of weeks ago from the very beginning and intend to listen to all episodes. I heard about it from a colleague. I work at a bank. I believe to have found the Real British English here. I like it very much. Cheers! Aleksei from Ukraine.

  2. Bettina

    In this podcast you said:”I am always thinking”. As an English teacher I am always fighting against the wrong usage of the progressive forms. German students love the progressive form, eg. they say: “I am living in….” My answer then is: “And where do you normally live?”
    We try to teach them that everything you normally do has to be said in the simple present. Signal words for the simple present are the adverbs of frequency like always, often, never, every day and so on. I know that you can say “I am always thinking”, but maybe you should explain it.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi luke
    I am a big fan of your podacast, and it’s very useful method to learn english.
    I truely appreciate your massive effort, thank you
    w.a from sudan

  4. Christa Bartels

    Hi Luke
    you don’t Need my transcripts? Please let me know. I don’t mind. I do them for my own learning and understanding. But if you don’t Need them just let me know.
    I am very busy reading and writing and listening to your Podcasts from start.
    Thank you.

    1. teacherluke Post author

      Hi Christina,
      Yes I do need your transcripts! You sent me some transcripts before. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of my files when my hard drive broke, so I lost some of the transcripts you sent me before. :(
      In the future if you have transcripts for me, could you request a new google doc? Just leave a comment asking me to open a google doc for that episode, then you can add the transcript to the google doc. That way, I won’t lose any documents again because they’ll be in the cloud.
      Thank you again for your comments, and for your transcripts!

      1. Christa Bartels

        Hi Luke
        Do you have this one? Number 17?
        I have transcripts ready up to Number 22. Of course for most of them transcripts were already available.
        I still like to learn by typing. I am a great typer and for me it’s really very good to learn by typing because it’s really intensive learning for me.
        So, if you can use some of them tell me.
        Just now I’m doing the collaboration of Number 23 and maybe some other English students join it.
        Christina (if you don’t like Christa or Krissy) -:(

        1. teacherluke Post author

          Ah, let me check if I still have your transcript for #17. I’m really sorry if I can’t find it because I’m sure it took you a long time.

  5. Anonymous

    I cannot find the transcript on this Webpage from Mariano. However, sometimes I miss the forest for the trees.

      1. Anonymous

        Now, Mariano has actually recorded a message for me and a message which I am going to play to you now. I will also include a script for this message, so, you know, if you want to read what Mariano said, I’ll print that on the webpage for you.

        I cannot find it.
        Cheers Krissy

      1. Anonymous

        But that’s not my fault. I am downloading at least 10 times every day and I thank you for your work. I am really improving my English and I am happy about that.

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  7. John

    I finally found the most brilliant podcast in the world.
    It is just amazing and interesting to learn English more.
    From Seoul.

    1. Victoriya

      Hello. Luke.
      I am Victoriya. I am from Ukraine and study English. I work as accountant and every week listen Your podcast. My friend recommended to Your website. I want to say to You the big a thank of Your job. You give to us a chance to improve our life. You are good and positive man. When we listen You we get a lot of positive emotion.