13. Video Podcast – I LIKE IT!

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New video on YouTube – Luke’s English Podcast – I Like It!

I have just uploaded a new video on the Luke’s English Podcast YouTube video page. It is about 16 different ways to say “I Like It”. You can see it here:

The podcast today is an audio version of this video.

Here’s a description of the vocabulary:

16 Ways to say “I Like It”:
1. I’m into it – this means you’re interested in an activity or a subject. E.g. I’m really into playing football, I’m really into The Beatles, I’m really into Kung-Fu movies…
2. I’m keen on it – this just means that you’re interested in it, you like it, you want to learn more about it. e.g. I’m really keen on playing the guitar, I’m keen on her, I’m keen on movies by Quentin Tarantino
3. I’m fond of it – this means you like it because you’ve liked it for a long time, and you have an emotional attachment to it. E.g. I’m fond of my pet dog, I’m fond of my car, I’m fond of my family photos
4. It appeals to me – this means that it sounds/looks good or it’s a good idea. E.g. living in Hawaii appeals to me.
5. It goes down well (with people) – this means that other people like something that you do. E.g. This joke always goes down well, the presentation went down really well with the class.
6. It’s to my liking – this is just a formal way to say I Like It
7. I’m partial to it – this means I like to eat or drink something, maybe too much. E.g. I’m partial to a glass of wine. I’m partial to a nice cake.
8. I’m crazy about it – I just love it! I love doing it! E.g. I’m crazy about playing the drums. I’m crazy about her.
9. I’m mad about it – this is the same as “I’m crazy about it”
10. I’m attached to it – this means I like it and I don’t want to live without it. I’d feel sad if I lost it. E.g. I’m really attached to my mobile phone – I always have it with me.
11. I’m passionate about it – this means I’m really interested and excited about it. E.g. I’m passionate about the music of Miles Davis. I’m passionate about doing charity work.
12. I’m addicted to it – this means I like it so much that I can’t stop doing it. E.g. I’m addicted to playing PlayStation 3. I’m addicted to this TV programme. (we also use ‘addicted’ in a negative way – e.g. addicted to drugs, addicted to cigarettes)
13. I’ve grown to like it – this means you didn’t like it before, but slowly you have learned to like it. E.g. I’ve grown to like the music of Radiohead.
14. I’ve got a soft spot for her – this means that you like someone a little more than you like other people. E.g. My grandmother always had a soft spot for my sister. She was always her favourite grandchild.
15. I fancy her/him – this means you think someone is attractive, sexy, good-looking. E.g. I really fancy Rachel McAdams (see picture below) – I think she’s gorgeous…
16. I can’t get enough of it – this means I love doing it and I don’t want to stop – e.g. I can’t get enough of this TV programme, I can’t get enough of Luke’s English Podcast!!

Rachel McAdams

9 thoughts on “13. Video Podcast – I LIKE IT!

  1. Karolina

    Fantastic podcasts!!!!
    1) I am really into listening to Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts.
    2) I am keen on Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts.
    3) I’m fond of Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts.
    4) Listening to Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts appeals to me.
    5) Listening to Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts goes down well with students.
    6) Listening to Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts it’s to my liking.
    8) I’m crazy about listening to Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts.
    9) I’m mad about Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts.
    10) I’m attached to Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts!
    11) I’m passionate about Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts.
    12) I’m addicted to Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts.
    13) I’ve grown to like listening to Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts.
    16) I can’t get enought of listening to Luke’s ENGLISH Podcasts.
    Regards from sunny Warsaw.

  2. Marcelo Pias

    Wonderful podcast, Mr Luke 😀
    I just found it and it is really amazing. I’ll listen to every single podcast from the very first.
    Cheers from Brazil

  3. Michael

    We (the LEPpers could always have Googled Rachel McAdams’ photo…
    The pic of “the waitress in the café down the road from your house”, however, would be much more appreciated 😉 (with her prior consent of course) And taking her photo to make her famous would be a nice pretext to get acquainted, I guess :)

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  5. Denis Medvedev

    Hi, Luke!
    Thank you for your very useful podcast. I always listen it on my way to work.
    Is it ok if i listen it only one time and don’t visit you transcripts and other info on your page? I meat i don’t have enough time to do it but i really like you podcast.
    Denis. Russian Federation:)