23. Summer Music Festivals

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Luke’s English Podcast is free and available to download as often as you like. It is designed to help learners of English with their vocabulary, listening and pronunciation. Also, Luke’s English Podcast aims to introduce you to unique aspects of the British cultural experience. This podcast is about music festivals during the summer months in The UK.

Hello folks, and welcome to Luke’s English Podcast. I’ve been to a few festivals this summer, so this podcast is about Music Festivals! So, relax, put your feet up, have a cup of tea (or whatever you might drink in your country: green tea, chai, jasmine, white tea, oolong cha, Japanese Sencha, peppermint tea, instant coffee, fresh coffee, Turkish coffee, South American coffee, Italian coffee, coffee from wherever it is made in the world anywhere, beer, wine, water, juice, coconut milk, cow’s milk, goat’s milk, kangaroo milk, blood (if you’re from Transylvania), and enjoy the podcast. Cheers.

Here are some key words and sentences from the podcast:

A few little fluffy clouds dotted around in the sky

I’m a bit sunburned

He’s very influential and a great musician.
He plays his guitar very loud, and he uses lots of feedback and distortion.
They sleep in tents in large camp-sites.
The arena has a number of large stages where bands can perform.
It’s a bit like going back to medieval times.
Thousands of people sleeping ‘in tents’ is quite ‘intense’.
There’s loads of good music and bands.
You can find out about new bands.
There’s lots of local beers and ciders that you can drink.
They’ve got distinctive tastes.
Cider is an alcoholic drink which is made from apples.
You can get out of London, escape from London.
It’s like a little mini home.
They do ‘jerk chicken‘.
It’s been marinated and soaked in a sort of sauce.
You get to meet lots of interesting people there.
You meet friends of friends and then they become your friends, and you can add them as a friend on Facebook.
It’s a great opportunity to show people your music.
It gives the music industry a big boost every year.
Sometimes it can be a nightmare.
If you can imagine thousands of people gathered together in a field, and it rains, you’re going to get loads of mud everywhere.
It’s a bit like a disaster zone. It could be classed by the UN as a disaster zone.
You get lakes of mud. It’s disgusting.
You might get over-excited and drink too much, and you wake up with a bad hangover.
A tent in direct sunlight. It magnifies the sun and you just cook in the tent.
You don’t have a very good night’s sleep.
He was snoring in my ear.
They really rip you off. The prices are ridiculous. It’s a rip off.
It’s difficult to walk through the crowd.
The toilets are very smelly and disgusting.
Doing a number 1 isn’t so bad, especially if you’re a bloke.
Doing a number 2 for anyone is difficult. You need toilet roll.
It’s difficult to get to the festival and get back. You need to get on a train and travel across the country.
It’s a real mission just to get out of the festival.
You need a few days to recover.
You might be exhausted at the end.
You have to go back to work and be normal even though you’re exhausted.
It’s like a massive crowd of zombies, all sort of shabbling [not a word] about or shuffling around.
Mobile phone reception is so bad. The signal gets weak. You can’t call because there’s no reception.
If the tent is on a slope, if it’s on an angle you might not be able to sleep.
You’re back aches, and your feet ache. By the end you’re kind of broken by the festival.

The Green Man Festival Website.

  • Aleksei

    Is it correct to pronounce www as [dabi dabi dabi]?

    • Actually it’s /dʌbəljuː dʌbəljuː dʌbəljuː/

  • Anonymous

    Hello Luke
    you are a great singer, wow! And not only a great singer!
    I searched in the Internet for the text of the song you sang: Running away. I only found a different text. Unfortunately I can’t understand English when it has been sung. And of course it would be nice to be able to understand what you sang.

    • Hi Vera, I wrote that song “Running Away” so there are no lyrics online. It’s not published. I’ll write the lyrics here though:

      Running Away (Lyrics)

      People do you want it?
      There’s music in your body
      You can have it if you want it
      And we can start to party

      Stop running away
      Running away

      Moments in the morning
      Are the puzzles in your mind
      In the evening sky is falling
      But the sunshine never dies

      Just running away
      You’re running away
      Stop running away
      You’re running away

      People what makes you certain
      Everybody’s got a name?
      Don’t you know that we’re all crazy?
      But we are all the same

      Just running away
      We’re running away

      If you leave it then you lose it
      You’re living in your mind
      And you can’t pick or choose it
      You’re running out of time

      You’re running away
      Just running away
      You’re running away
      Stop running away

  • Anonymous

    Hi Luke
    there is only one thing in this episode that stayed a mystery to me and that sounds: whypouds.
    the sentence: ……prforming whypouds at the Brooklyn Hotel in Shepherd’s Bush……..
    You would made a happy person of if you could solve this mystery for me.

    • It’s “Wipeout” – the name of a surf-rock song by The Ventures.

  • Vera

    23. Summer Music Festivals that’s interesting and challenging. I’d like to take part in the collaboration work. I couldn’t find one yet.
    Please, please great Luke put it on your collaboration site and maybe I can do work there and other People can help me with the more difficult part. -:)

  • Katja Bartels

    I try to write a transcript but I am lost when you enumerate all the Festivals. Would you be so very very nice to tell me where I can find all of them?

    • Could you tell me the timecode for that part of the podcast? I’ll then listen to that part of the episode and I’ll tell you the names of the festivals.

      • Katja Bartels

        Thank you Luke for your attendance to give me all the names. You are right, listening to your Podcasts more than once is very effective. Now there is only one part I couldn’t understand. It’s 8:05.
        Global Gathering which is a dance festival that’s …………in July.
        I put it on the collaboration site where I already found the beginning of your 23. Podcast.
        Thanks again and have a nice day

      • Done!
        It was ‘Stratford upon Avon’, which is a town in England. Shakespeare was born there.

    • By the way, here’s a google document for the transcript of this episode: docs.google.com/document/d/1jbelKARFmj8dXT67SYPYW9WECz0eLqxKpJCvd7u8umY/edit

      • Katja Bartels

        Hi Luke
        I finished the Podcast today and copied it on the collaboration page. I think besides punctuation character there are very very few mistakes. I listened to it a few times but there were 3 words I didn’t get. I marked them bold and they are at: 38:00 and 41:47

        I know that you are busy and it’s a bit to much to ask you to look at them.
        You are a very good singer and I liked your Music.

      • That is really great of you Katja and I’m sure the transcript is almost perfect. I will check it as soon as I can, but you’re right – my time is taken up by lots of things. It is definitely on my list of things to do.
        Otherwise – listeners, please do read the transcript for this episode on the ‘transcript collaboration’ page.

    • Anonymous

      That was quick, thanks. I mean your reply! I started at the beginning up to 7:22. Then it was difficult. :-)
      Cheers Katja

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  • Csaba

    Dear Luke,

    What about your slide.com account? It looks like It doesn’t work, does it? It’s not the first time, not the first post.

  • Summer Music Festivals – The sound is weak. :( I couldn’t listening to the podcast on my mobile.

    I think, you shouldn’t say “http://www.” – it sounds strange.
    In fact, just say – “three double-u dot name_of_site dot domain”
    We don’t have to type “http://”.

    • Yes, true, I don’t need to keep repeating the http:// part, but strangely thus has become something of a habit and I can’t stop doing it. Sorry about the quietness of that episode. I will try to fix it.