47. Travelling in Vietnam

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An interview with me about my holiday in Vietnam.

I recently bought an English speaking robot from Japan. His name is English Robot 3000, and he’s very nice. In this podcast, English Robot 3000 asks me questions about my holiday in Vietnam and I talk about what I did, where I went and how it felt.

The next podcast will contain lots of really useful language for meeting people when you are travelling.

Hope you enjoy the episode, and happy new year!

Here’s a slide show of my Vietnam holiday snaps

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Here’s a picture of EnglishRobot3000

16 thoughts on “47. Travelling in Vietnam

  1. Deniz

    OMG Luke! All the conversation between you and that robot… I was listening it on public transportation and on the street while I was walking with my earphones. It made me laugh so hard; people looked at me to check if I’m nuts. Thank you for all the effort and that humour!

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      1. Anonymous

        Luke, listen to your podcasts! ‘Then we had some beers! I hope you don’t mind if I am taking care of you. -.)

  3. Vinh Nguyen

    Hi Luke,

    First of all, I just found your page yesterday and Ive been enjoying your really interesting and informative podcasts, especially this one. I really like British accents which I find quite fascinating and sexy, so Ive tried to copy it whenever I speak English 😉 .

    I am glad to hear you had a good time in Vietnam. Although Im Vietnamese, Ive got my stomach upset from time to time. Surprised! However, thats one of the best parts when you pay a visit to Asian countries. Hence its worth trying, isnt it? You’re right, towns and beaches in the center are quite spectacular and spendid. Those are my favorite places whenever I want to escape from the busy Ho Chi Minh city. Probably you might notice that you would find more foreigners in those towns than in the cities. Therefore, you would easily find companies to rock the towns. 😉

    Regarding flights from London, I once took a Vietnam airline flight directly from Gatwick to HCM City (or Ha Noi). Its price is reasonable, even for a round trip. You may take a look to have another option when visiting back there.

    Finally, thanks for the amazing podcasts. I wish you and your beloved ones a merry Christmas and happy New Year.


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  5. sun1911

    Xin chào Luke !

    My name is Hien Nguyen. I’m from Viet Nam. I love your podcasts very much although I haven’t understood all of them. Thanks a lot.