175. The Phrasal Verb Chronicles #1

This is both a phrasal verb review, and a random made-up story. 50 phrasal verbs reviewed within the context of a completely improvised comedy story. Click here for The Phrasal Verb Chronicles #2.

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I decided to do this episode as a way to remind you of the first 50 phrasal verbs I’ve taught you in my Phrasal Verb a Day series of mini-episodes. When I’ve reached 100 phrasal verb episodes, I’ll do another episode of The Phrasal Verb Chronicles, to help you remember #51-100.

Here are the phrasal verbs I use in this episode. Can you notice how I use them in my weird story? You could also attempt to make up your own story using these phrasal verbs. You don’t have to do all 50. Try just using 5, then 10, then 20 and so on. Eventually you should be able to make meaningful sentences using all the phrases.

I wonder what you think of the idea of “Story Time Club with Luke from Luke’s English Podcast”? Let me know ;)

  • Denis Paraschuk

    Hi Luke, Great idea! I liked it and I’ll try to reproduce this idea from my point of view, my own story using learnt phrasal verbs. Thanks a lot!

  • Irina Felice

    Hello Luke…. It is already 2 years since the first time I had a wonderful chance to listen to your podcast! Avoiding lots of compliments u can be basking in;) I just really want to thank u with all my heart for the hard work you do and an outstanding chance you give everyone !!!!

    Irina Felice;)

  • Hi teacher Luke ! I’ve listened to most of your podcasts so far and they’re awesome ( sometimes ridiculous , but i love your sense of humour :D ) You’re doing such a great job , thanks for everything :) Looking forward to next improvising story , greetings from Poland ! Ewelina

  • Miguel Angel Benito Marin

    That was a good Podcast, this phrasal verbs that you used have been very useful, thank you for all the work you have done for the English Learners. I Hope you continue working on this podcast.

  • Donald

    You’ve got an amazing imagination! It’s really hard to improvise a story in order to revise lots of phrasal verbs. But it is also funny as the story is completely off the cuff.

  • Petr from Czechia

    What a great idea!! I’m listening to your phrasal verbs every day, and there is nothing better than listening them again this time in this complete story

  • Anonymous

    Incredible!!!I’ve been listening to your podcast for some years. I’m sure you’re the only person who could compose such a funny usefull story! i reckon it was not as easy for you either, wasn’t it? Thanks a lot! Galina

    • Hi Galina, and no it wasn’t that easy! Did you notice that I struggled to use some of the phrases sometimes?

  • Mr. Barrera Luna

    Mr.Thompson, it was a very good story, and also, very creative, it’s a signal of being a very good language teacher. I will try to do the same, it was very interesting thank you.