Welcome to the New Website – teacherluke.co.uk

New website & new domain
You’re now reading this on the new website, which is teacherluke.co.uk. I thought for a long time about which domain name to choose and in the end I went for this one.

‘teacherluke’ is already well known as I have said it so many times on the podcast already. Also, it’s pretty simple. I chose .co.uk because it’s the official UK domain code, and this British English is my thing isn’t it!

The website looks a little bit different. I think it’s a better use of the space, and I now have more control over the design.

There are still some bugs on the website, such as broken HTML coding. I am steadily fixing all of these things. Just bear with me for a little while while I do final repairs. Of course you can find all the audio episodes on my Audioboo channel and on iTunes, so you can still listen to and download episodes of the podcast freely.

Mailing List
You should join the mailing list to receive an email update whenever I publish a new post on this website. In the right column of this page it says JOIN THE MAILING LIST – put your email address in there and then click to subscribe by email. You can also subscribe to the mailing list when you leave a comment below a post. Just check the box marked “Notify me of new posts via email”.

There’s now a FORUM where you can have discussions. Just click DISCUSSION FORUM in the menu above. I’ve already posted a couple of questions there. I’m curious to see if anyone adds anything to the forum. I hope you do. Perhaps I’ll use it as a way of contacting me, rather than sending me emails which then get lost in my inbox.

Watch out for new features and functions in the future.

I hope you like the site. Let me know what you think. If you spot any bugs, let me know! If the site looks a bit different and you miss the old version – You’ll get used to it in a while. I think it’s definitely better than it used to be. It’s all part of my effort to make Luke’s English Podcast & teacherluke.co.uk as user-friendly as possible.

Thanks for reading,

  • Andrzej

    Luke, the change is definitely a change for the better. Thank you. Is there any discussion happening via the mailing list or are there only notifications about new posts? I currently receive emails about new posts thanks to selecting “Notify me of new posts via email” in the comment box. Will I receive anything more via the mailing list or am I already joined?

    • Hi Andzrej, glad you like the new site.

      Regarding the mailing list, you can subscribe by using the “Subscribe” button on the right, or by clicking “Notify me of new posts via email” in the comments box. They’ll both work even if you subscribe twice by mistake. It should count as just one subscription.

  • Anonymous

    AWESOME MASTER LUKE =D thank you