188. World Cup 2014 (Part 2: England & The Dark Side of the World Cup)

In this second World Cup episode we focus on England, and then the dark side of The World Cup including the allegations of corruption and the civil unrest in Brazil. Right-click here to download this episode.

1. What does the World Cup mean to me? (Dealt with in part 1)
2. What’s the situation at this time? Who looks strong? What’s going on? The Basic Guide to World Cup 2014. (Dealt with in part 1)
3. Focus on England
4. Changes to the rules
5. The dark side of the World Cup
6. A brief History of The World Cup (In part 3)

3. England: What are their chances?
World Cup history – penalties. The curse of the penalty shootout.
Stuart Pearce Penalty video 1996 (Feel the passion!)

Why haven’t England won the cup even though the premiership is the top league in the world?
– Foreign players
– Clubs come first
– Finding the right coach
– Egos and personalities vs teamwork
– Pressure & Expectation from the media & the public (it’s assumed that England will win, “football’s coming home” and this doesn’t help)
– Finding the right squad
– Penalties (it’s all in the mind)
England: Letting the rest of the world shine since 1966 ;)

4. Changes to the rules, etc
Goal line technology.
The vanishing spray.
Player conduct – diving, cheating & time-wasting.
The Falklands/Malvinas Situation. Click here to read arguments for and against British occupation of The Falkland Islands. Click here to read an article about the Argentinian players’ protest.

5. The other side of the World Cup. The ‘dark side’ of The World Cup.
Controversy, corruption and civil unrest.
Riots in Brazil.
FIFA’s 2022 corruption scandal.
The Falklands issue – Argentina vs England www.debate.org/opinions/should-the-falklands-belong-to-argentina
John Oliver’s report

His main points:
The sausage principle: If you love something, don’t find out how it was made.
He’s excited about the World Cup, but he’s also conflicted about it because of the alleged corruption of FIFA.
Some Brazilians are unhappy about the World Cup because the money spent on hosting the games is not going to the people who need it.
FIFA persuaded the Brazilian government to overturn safety laws in football stadiums. The law used to state that beer could not be sold in stadiums. FIFA refused to negotiate and pushed very hard for this safety law to be overturned. John Oliver believes it’s irresponsible of FIFA to prioritise their sponsors over public safety.
FIFA’s boardroom looks dark and evil.
In Qatar, workers’ rights are so poor that it’s almost like slave labour. Also, health and safety standards are so low that it’s expected that thousands of workers will die during constructions of the stadiums. Downer :(

Stay tuned for part 3 coming soon!

3 Lions ’98 (Baddiel, Skinner & The Lightning Seeds) “Football’s Coming Home” Lyrics
Three Lions 98 Version

We still believe, we still believe
we still believe

Its coming home,
Its coming home, its coming
Footballs coming home

Tears for heroes dressed in grey
No plans for final day
Stay in bed, drift away
It could have been all
Songs in the street
It was nearly complete
It was nearly so sweet
And now Im singing

Three lions on the shirt
Jules Rimet still gleaming
No more years of hurt
No more need for dreaming

Talk about football coming home
And then one night in Rome
We were strong, we had grown
And now I see Ince ready for war
Gazza good as before
Shearer ready to score
And Psycho screaming

Three lions on the shirt
Jules Rimet still gleaming
No more years of hurt
No more need for dreaming

We can dance Nobbys dance
We could dance it in France

Its coming home, its coming home,
Footballs coming home….

source: www.lyricsondemand.com/0/3lions98lyrics/footballscominghomelyrics.html

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  • Orion team

    Hi people you can enjoy the transcript of this episode here.


    Thanks to all of you who did this transcription.

  • Chris

    Hi Luke,

    Congrats for your podcast, I’m absolutely a fan of Luke’s English podcast. “You are in my mind!” (with the creepy voice). I’m not a huge fun about World Cup, actually about national teams, despite I love football. However I am following your podcast anyway. As you see, I’m a huge fan!
    Anyway I saw you have been talking about the Argentinian islands, “Malvinas?”. And I think you are right, we should better eat ice-creams together than being throwing booms to ourselves, hadn’t we? Yes, I think so.
    I love politics anyway, I know that is a boring subject for most people, but in my opinion is as vibrating as a football game. Sometimes even more. And I love the way English people understands politics and, particularly, democracy. How the people of a certain territory is who has to decided about the future. The right to decided. Of course, that is democracy, isn’t it?
    I’m sure the Scottish referendum is a good example to the world how politics and the problems has to be done. Winning in the polls, by votes!. That’s why I am also a enthusiastic follower of the Scotland and Catalonia Independent. Two different ways to resolve the problems, and we we’ll see how all ends in both countries. I bet than the Scots feel now closer to UK being able to vote than before!
    I wrote enough about politics, hope I don’t bore you or anyone who can be reading this post.
    I understand you don’t want talk much about politics, I know some people can get a bit irritated. Continue like this.

    Thanks for the podcast,
    Waiting for your Eddie Izzard episode!

  • Pez

    This is very frustrating for me.
    I´d like to express a lot of things related to your excellent podcast but (of course) I´m not a fluent english speaker.
    I agree with you on everything concerning to football.
    First of all, I´m very sorry England loss to Uruguay and that “Super Diver” Suarez was the executioner.
    I don´t like cheaters, I´m from Argentina but I was ashamed of the Maradona´s infamous “Hand of God”, it represents everything that is wrong with argentinian culture.
    As for the banner, players are not to blame. They don´t necessarily use standards for thought that are rational…they are not Clarke Carlisle…blame argentine government, they are fuelling the conflict as a smoke screen to distract people´s attention and avoid facing up to responsibilities for economic crisis.
    Malvinas War (Falklands for you) was a stupid war like every armed conflict. I´m 50 and I belong to the Malvinas Generation.
    A friend of mine died in the controversial sinking of the General Belgrano cruiser (Returning home and outside the 200 mile exclusion zone) and that was the real loss for me…my dear friend was dead. Say no more.

    God bless you Luke and thank you for everything!!

    • Pez, I am sorry about your friend and the Belgrano. Plenty of people in the UK disagreed with what happened and hated Thatcher for what she did.
      Anyway, thank you very much for this comment. It’s incredible to be able to read the thoughts of someone in Argentina who is listening to my podcast. For the world cup – may the best team win, and I hope they achieve it fairly!

  • Antony

    Very funny to listen Luke story about “weird justice” about line rule and memorizing Ukraine-England 2012. Do You remember? ;-)
    Good, emotional episode. Keep in!

  • Claire

    Can you recommend any RP accent course?

    Kind regards

  • Anonymous

    England Losttt…………