317. The Lying Game 2: The Rematch (Part 1) with Amber & Paul

Welcome to LEP. I hope you’re well, I hope you’re fine. This episode of the podcast is a rematch of the lying game with Amber, Paul and me. Check below for show notes and other links.

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OK, so now let’s get down to business.

This episode is called “The Rematch”.

It’s one of those episodes that involves a competitive game between Amber, Paul and me. In the last one of these, called The Lying Game, this happened:
The scores were level between Luke and Paul.
Even stevens.
They then played a tie-breaker.
Luke told a story about the tooth fairy.
Paul talked about burning down his house.
Luke identified it.

Since then, it has come to light that I may have cheated. I swear that I didn’t, but some clever listeners noted that a story Paul told in The Lying Game was one he’d already told on the podcast before. So, I admit that a rematch is necessary, and here it is. This is The Lying Game 2: The Rematch.

Do you remember the rules of The Lying Game? They go like this:
One person says a statement, it can be true or a lie. Then the others ask lots of questions to investigate the story. Then they decide if they think it’s a lie or the truth, justifying their responses. Then the truth is revealed. If a competitor gets it right, they get a point. If a competitor gets it wrong a point is awarded to the storyteller.

So, this is the rematch. We’re going to play another round of The Lying Game. Listen carefully to the stories and the questions and try to predict if they are lies or the truth.

Also, listen all the way to the end of the second episode to hear about a new interactive version of the lying game that we plan to play next time, and that will involve your input. We’ll tell you about that at the end of part 2.

At the beginning of this episode you’ll hear us chatting a bit about our recent news including a couple of stories about doing comedy shows, Amber shares something about an interesting podcast she listened to, and Paul tells a story about how a girl lost one of her teeth on stage during a comedy performance recently. After our little ramble chat we then get properly into the lying game, which will continue in part 2 of this episode.

So, yes I am glad to say that Amber and Paul are on another episode of the podcast, so let’s get started, here we go.


Round 1: Statements
Luke: I once hit a teacher when I was at school.
Paul: I nearly died in a car accident.
Amber: (story in part 2)

Scores at the end of part 1:

Luke – 1 / 0 /
Paul – 0 / 2 /
Amber – 1 / 0 /

Paul is winning as we end the episode.

Listen to part 2 to find out what happens next.

  • Chloé

    Hi Luke,
    I wondered if you’re still do your show with Paul in Paris?


  • Soares

    The most evil thing Luke can ask is for remove the bruise from all apples. Hahahhaahaha
    Congratulations Luke, you’re a good person : )

  • I wasn’t aware of this episode till now. I will say it everytime I heard Amber: “Just lovely voice”.

  • Łukasz

    This is a really good episode of Luke’s English Podcast. Natural conversation among native speakers, good, engaging stories, a bit of humor and the game that listeners can also be involved trying to guess how was a liar. Please make more conversations and games on Luke’s English Podcast. It really makes a difference.

  • Anonymous

    Teacher Luke Story you told absolutely true because I remember I have heard that before.

  • how can I download the transcript or the file PDF of the speech of t.Luke?

  • Irina Kotenko

    HI Luke! Sorry to disappoint you but I didn’t understand your joke re Russians coming into while you making a show either….. I can’t say I have no sense of humor but this joke also requires sense of language a lot! Please explain. Thank you. Irina Kotenko, Moscow

    • They came in late.
      I said “where are you from?”
      They said “we’re Russian”
      I said “well you weren’t rushing to get here on time were you”
      Russian – rushing (they sound really similar)

      • And when english jokes are translated in other languages all the magic of english humour disappears at all.

      • Irina Kotenko

        =D that’s really a cool one! Thank you Luke. Sorry again for asking axplanaton.

        Btw it seems to me that the story about celebrity u met in Japan you have mentioned already once long ago in podcast or I simply can see and hear in this case the future
        And please if it is possible to mention in your podcast say a couple of words about your dreams…. I mean the one u see at night

        Best day,
        Irina Kotenko

  • pyae phyo

    i think i`m now a lukoholic ….LOL .
    May all the good thing comes to you luke.
    Merry Christmas