• Milton Mac

    Hi Luke, Happy New Year!

    ok, the classical visual of the movie (ships, stations, uniforms) is fantastic, but this new “villain” … C’mon, a rebel trophy child, with no Charisma. Vader rocks, it is unique. Maybe Snoke will save the sequences.

    May the force be with you…

  • Yaron

    Where are you Luke?
    It might be that we will need BB8 and R2D2 to locate you…
    May the force will be with you.

    • I’m here! I’ve been training at the Jedi temple.
      Expect an episode in the next couple of days.

      • Great news, I’m running out of podcasts :)

        I hope that you had lovely holiday with your family.

        Per my comment above, it is just my weird way to say that I watched the new star wars film yesterday (and it was awesome)

  • Chris

    Sorry for saying that, but the new Star Wars movie…
    How could I say it gently?! Wasn’t that good.
    I am not a hardcore fan (I like the old ones!!!), but it was a little bit weird for me.
    Without any spoiler I can’t say more, but I can explain it!

  • Anonymous

    Will you do a review about this film in more details? I’m not a fan of star wars but i just like it when you review things. Like when you talked about Taken and Taken 3. Those are hilarious episodes

  • Anonymous

    What were you doing when you recorded this, Luke? Your voice sounds weird :v it’s like you’re gasping for breath

  • Pez

    ¨Happy¨, the magic word…I need no more reviews!!!

  • ” The Force Awakens ” is the best Star Wars film . With lots of attractions you won’t get spoiled . Enjoy it !