328. Cooking with Luke – Verbs and Expressions in the Kitchen

I’ve been quite busy marking exams recently and haven’t had a chance to upload any episodes for a few weeks, but today I managed to record this episode while preparing dinner. So in this one you’ll hear me in the kitchen, multitasking – cooking a chicken dinner (recipe below) while describing everything that I’m doing. In this episode you can learn some verbs for preparing food, words for different kitchen utensils and other language related to food and eating. Also, I ramble on about a few other things, as usual! Expect more podcasts to arrive in the near-ish future when I have a bit more time. Thanks for listening!

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Here are some verb phrases you will hear me use in this episode.

to clean up the kitchen
to squeeze as much stuff into the dishwasher (as you can)
to do something by hand
to give something (a bit of a) wash
to turn on the tap
to batter fish (noun = batter)
to deep-fry something
to fry something
to chop some potatoes
to chop up some potatoes
to peel some garlic / peel some potatoes
to drizzle olive oil on something
to slosh some white wine over everything
to season food (with salt and pepper)
to do the washing up / to do the dishes
to fill the dishwasher / to empty the dishwasher
to tidy up
to rinse the vegetables under the tap
to pre-heat the oven
to slide the dish into the oven
to brown the chicken in oven
to set the timer

The Recipe

If you’d like to try cooking the dish yourself, here’s my Mum’s simple and easy-to-follow recipe. Enjoy!
Chicken with lemon and garlic


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  • Hi, luke,

    Today, I made your mother’s recipe. We loved it a lot. It is an easier and interesting meal. I accompanied the chicken with rice. I sent you the proof of it. :)

    See you.

    • Yes, I saw that – fantastic! It looks great. :)

  • Łukasz

    Your podcast has inspired me to create my first ever piece of poetry in English. Here it is:

    Teacher Luke
    Is like a great chef or cook
    Who has found a perfect recipe
    For English learners, it is plain to see
    He has a perfect combination
    Of fun, joy and education
    He stirs them all in a big pot
    Called Luke’s ENGLISH Pod….

    Please correct me if something is wrong with this text…

  • walter

    Hello Luke, I was listening to your recipe at 6:30 am and it was a little weird to get hungry so early in the morning … Are you sure that the shepherd pie is a typical british dish? My wife, who’s french, says that it is french and it is called hachis parmentier. She often cooks it and we all love it very much. What does she think your wife abput it? is it french? is it english? alway the good old war. thaks a lot for everything, bye walter

    • It’s pretty much exactly the same recipe. I just call it shepherd’s pie because I’m English. My wife said to me that they call it hachis parmentier. I think shepherd’s pie can also contain Worcestershire sauce in the potato as well.
      So, they’re the same thing really. 2 names, 1 recipe.

  • Mayumi M

    Hi, Luke. You just killed a lot of starving LEP ninjas with such a mouth watering episode!! I was dying while listening to it when I was driving back home.
    I love the sound of kitchen and cooking. Especially, when especially people are good at cooking like you. If you have more simple and tasty recipes, I’d love to listen to them!
    As for vegan/macrobiotic, I don’t eat any chickens at all, but I’m cooking the alternative version of this recipe right now. I can’t wait to taste it. Hope it will work fine.:) Cheers.

    • ptholome

      What is the alternative version, please?

      • Mayumi M

        I’m following a vegan/macrobiotic diet, which means I never use any animal products for my cooking such as meat, fish, milk, butter and so on, and I never use some ingredients like white sugar as the macrobiotic reason.
        In his recipe, he’s got chicken. What I did was that I converted some ingredients like chicken into different ingredients. In this case, I used some soy meat marinated with some seasonings, oil and lemon juice instead of chicken. Soy meat is one of alternative choices which vegan/macrobiotic people have for meat.
        I hope it’s clear enough.:) Cheers.

      • ptholome

        Thank you. I am not vegan, but I eat soy meat because I need to eat not much meat. And I wanted to know what you did. So I will do it too.

      • Mayumi

        No worries. Have fun with soy meat.:)

    • ptholome

      Your dish looks very tasty. I will do it this weekend. In Cordoba, Spain, we do something near that but only with oil and garlic, salt…
      “Pollo al ajillo” chicken with garlick

  • hi luke!
    i like these kind of episodes like ” hard driving” and this one,because i think we learn more efficiently when you actually do and live things that you describe, but i have to say that you’re not a proper man luke..
    proper men can’t do two things at the same time ,but you could ..
    i’ ll try the recipe , thank you !

    • Haha! Well, I disagree that proper men can’t multitask. How about James Bond? He can shoot someone, jump off a building and make a witty comment all at the same time, and wear a nice suit while he’s doing it. The question is… can he also make a nice chicken dinner while doing a podcast.
      The answer? …probably he can, yes.
      Anyway! Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the episode.

      • ptholome

        Maybe James bond would only have killed the chicken and an incredible woman would cook it for him and … James bond was a machist total. :))

        Besides, Do you have a book with your mother’s recipes?

      • Yes, she wants to encourage the men in the family to cook more so she put some of her recipes in a book for my brother, my Dad and me. It’s actually a great cook book.

      • ptholome

        She is an intelligent woman, your mother. Mothers have to teach their children how to cook, clean and others house tasks. The equality between women and men pass by mother’s education more than at the school.

      • Is there thyme on your recipe?

  • Michał

    Will try it out at the weekend :-)

  • Ashish

    Hello English GURU Luke,

    Mouth watering, cooked,Delicious, tangy, piquant, episode .In spite of a vegetarian like me ;I feel to have that garnished dish. In this episode we get nice words to brush up English lexicon as well .

    P.S. I read in an article about the positions of the adjectives
    Opinion / value
    Age /temperature
    So I have tried to use those above adjectives like that in an order.

    Lepster Ashish

  • What a delicious episode with special effects ! It stands on its own ! “Cooking” time is “leap” time , indeed . It makes so much sense as “learning by doing ” goes . You filled my “hungry” eyes . You are more than awesome . You are unbelievable !!!

    • Ashish

      Hi mollietai10,

      I wonder why some words in your comments have been quoted in speech marks !
      I apologise if I was rude . Just curious to know about that
      .And I must mention the scene behind your photo in display picture is spectacular

      • I think that we, like children when they learn their mother tongue, play with the language trying to figure out how it works. But your question makes me feel curious about the answer. :)