337. MURDER MILE WALKS: Stories of London’s Most Infamous & Shocking Murders [Some Explicit Content + Swearing]

Hello, and welcome back to to the podcast, this episode is called “Murder Mile Walks: Stories of London’s Most Infamous & Shocking Murders”, and in this one we’re going to hear about some true crimes that happened in  parts of central London. Yes, all the stories that you will hear in this episode are true, and you should know in advance that this episode does contain some graphic descriptions of horror and extreme violence. And on top of that, there is some swearing at the end of the episode too.


explicit contentAttention: Explicit Content

So, this is an adult episode of the podcast, recorded by adults, featuring adult conversation between two adults about adults doing adult things to other adults and it’s presented here by an adult for other adults to listen to OK? So, the point I’m making is that it’s not for kids, this episode. So, if you don’t mind a bit of horror and some strong language – then, great! But if you’re easily shocked then please be cautious. To be honest though it’s no worse than some of the stuff you see in the average horror film, an episode CSI or Grey’s Anatomy or a true crime documentary or something. But anyway, now that I’ve warned you about that let’s continue…


Welcome to the podcast. This is a conversation with my mate Moz, who has been on the podcast before. You might remember Moz from previous episodes such as the Brighton Fringe Festival series, the drunk episode, and the drunk episode 2, which was recorded on Moz’s boat. So, Moz has been living in London for ages but a couple of years ago he decided to buy a canal barge – a narrow boat, and live in it at various locations in the London canal system. It sounds like a pretty nice life. Instead of just living in one location the whole time he moors the boat at different locations in the canal and river system in London, enjoys a more peaceful side of London life, with all the ducks and geese, and fishing, and pubs, and knife crime. Well, maybe not the knife crime. Let’s hope not anyway.

Anyway, Moz used to work as a producer of comedy TV shows at the BBC. He also produced, wrote and performed in a few of his own comedy theatre shows at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe festivals over the years, and all his shows featured slightly dark subject matter but in a comedic way. They were basically horror stories that in the end turn out to be quite funny and sweet.

Murder Mile Tours

Fairly recently Moz launched a small tour company. It’s a company that offers walking tours in the Soho area. You know those tours that you can join, where there’s a tour guide who shows you round some interesting spots in the city, and you follow the guide around as he or she holds an umbrella in the air or something (that’s always a bit weird in my opinion – walking around holding an umbrella followed by loads of disciples – worshipping the holy umbrella!) and the tour guide stops and talks to you at various points, and you’d rather be in a pub or something. They’re nice, but a little boring sometimes, right?

Well, Moz’s tours are quite different, and they’re proving to be very successful already, with some great reviews on the travel website TripAdvisor. The thing about Moz’s tours is that they’re original, because not only are they presented by Moz himself, the tours are all about murder. A lot of murder, in fact, they’re all about real murders that took place on the streets of London, in Soho to be specific.

I’m not going to tell you more, I’ll let Moz do that. You can just listen to find out all the grisly details as they come up in the conversation.

We’re almost ready to start listening to the conversation. But I would like to just give you another warning now before you listen to this episode.

ANOTHER WARNING: Explicit Content

Most of you won’t think this is necessary but I would like to just ask you again to please be aware that this episode contains some descriptions of explicit violence and horror. It we deal with the subject in a grown-up and responsible way but if you are playing this to young listeners, please use the maximum amount of discretion – it’s supposed to be for adults.


There is loads of great vocabulary in this, not to mention some really good stories all based on proper historical research, and everyone knows that listening to stories is a great way to learn English.

So, as you listen – just try to follow the conversation. I’m not teaching you specific things in this one, I’m just inviting you to listen to some natural conversation between native speakers, but try to notice language as it comes up. Would you like it if I produced a follow-up episode in which I explain all the vocab, like I did with the Craig Wealand interview? Let me know.

Before we get to the murder stories we talk about swearing on TV and on Luke’s English Podcast, and we discuss the question of whether I should bleep out swear words on the podcast. “To bleep or not to bleep?” As a former producer of BBC comedy shows, Moz has some wise words to say about that.

So, a bit of conversation about swearing, and then we get onto the subject of Moz’s new project: Murder Mile Tours.

So, let’s get started.

*Conversation with Moz begins*

Talking talking talking talking bleep talking talking talking talking murder murder talking talking talking.

*Conversation Ends*

So that was the chat with Moz. How do you feel? Alright? Personally, I don’t feel too upset or disturbed by those stories, I just find them intriguing. It’s amazing what has happened in the past, what people do and their motivations. People are fascinating and mysterious aren’t they? And isn’t it weird that the woman sensed the site of that plague pit? It’s all very interesting indeed and I can’t wait to go on one of those walks on a Sunday next time I’m in London.

You can check out Murder Mile Tours by visiting murdermiletours.com. If you’re going to be in London I think this could be a really cool tour for you to join. You’ll get to see some cool spots in Soho like Denmark Street with its guitar shops, and you can hang out and have a cup of tea and a chat with Moz, and maybe hang out for a bit and go to a pub and drink beer and talk nonsense for a while. Buy him a pint, he might like that.

That’s it from this episode then. Thanks for listening! I look forward to reading your comments on the page for this episode.

Now, wait a moment that’s not the end, because I’m now going to play you an outtake.

Out-take: Some bonus swearing

Earlier in episode the were talking about swearing, and I bleeped out pretty much all those words (partly for comedy purposes) but after we finished our conversation Moz and I kept talking and we came back to the subject of swear words and we decided to let rip a little bit – to let rip – that means just express your emotions or thoughts without holding yourself back. In this case we decided to let rip with some swearing. So here is a mini outtake, sort of like a sequel to the swearing podcast I did a couple of years ago with my brother. So, here is a super-duper x-rated outtake which I recorded with Moz after having finished the interview.


You’re about to hear loads of swearing now. If you’re offended by the rudest words, stop listening now. Got it? If you’re not offended by swearing, then keep listening! It’s pretty simple isn’t it. Do you take the blue pill or the red pill? Your choice.

OK OK that’s enough explaining and justifying – Let the swearing commence…

*Swearing outtake starts*

Swearing swearing swearing swearing swearing swearing swearing HELICOPTER swearing swearing swearing HELICOPTER swearing swearing swearing swearing swearing! (Moz gets arrested)

*Swearing out-take ends*

By the way… Did you know that the Royal Family use swear words too?

Thanks for listening! I’m looking forward to reading your comments…

  • Daniel Sanchez

    Hi there,

    Today I met Michael, Luke´s friend, and the tour was very amusing and easy to understand despite the freezing weather in London. I highly recommend to attend the tour if you feel like doing something different and you are into this topic.

    Apart from that, it was nice to meet one of your friends, Luke, and talk a little bit about you and the stuff you are doing. I usually listen to your podcast 2-3 hours a day while I work.

  • Joana Asha

    That’s the dog’s bollocks, teacher Luke! Cheers from Poland for you and Moz

  • Lu BooBak

    This one was absolutely brilliant! I loved it. Thanks for your podcasts, they make my working time much more pleasant :)

  • Ludger Neumann

    Hello LEPsters, hello Luke (by the way: Are you a LEPster too? Hm, interesting question …),

    II’ve heard many Podcasts on my way to work (and of course gave a donation for the good work and tried audible :) ) to improve my English and had often a nice time on the motorway. For me, this was one of the best! No word here about Luke, we all know him, but Moz: Great! Great man and I would realy like to know him and join his tour. What a wonderful humor and a very infecting loughter. I had a picture in my head sitting on his boat and drinking one … two beer. Great! Than the murdermiles: God, how do I hate boring tours. Here is a building, made 1564 by Edward, here another … Stories! Stories is what we wonna here!

    So, both of you: Go on! You’re doing a great job!! And Luke: Creating additional learning stuff is a great idea

    Sorry for my English. I’m still a learner …

    Ludger from Germany

  • Yes, the police don’t like it if you put your ‘dongle’ out of the window in a public area.

  • Zenna Healing

    This episode was interesting, and I didn’t find it too graphic or horrifying. But, it got very interesting towards the end when you started talking about psychic phenomena. Well, I know that this is a sensitive subject especially for people who are skeptic. But, you might like what I say if I tell you that I have more respect for a skeptic who is objective and realistic than a believer who is just believing because he/she find it enjoyable to believe in the paranormal. I certainly didn’t believe in anything paranormal before I turn 30. And it is good NOT to believe anyone who claims to be psychic (but also not to reject him as well) because as far as I see, famous psychics are not psychic. Or let’s put it in different words, no one is psychic whenever they want to be psychic. In my view, it is something that happens without our own intention or control. Of course, this would open a big debate about whether you can then do it as a profession and charge people money for it. I don’t have the answer for that. But at least I think you got my point.

  • Kristina Fadeyeva

    Hi Luke!
    Awesome idea about the study packs!
    May I suggest something in addition to it?
    It would also be cool if you could add some kind of feedback to it. For example, you could ask the listener who buys the study pack to record something in response to the topic of the study pack. Maybe ask them to speak English for 5 minutes and try to squeeze in a number of phrases which you’ve explained as part of that study pack, and so on. Or just express their opinion on the topic, disagree with you, etc. They could then send a video like that to you, and you could give some feedback, maybe in an e-mail. I realize that this is a lot of work. But if your study pack idea works out, maybe you could even hire an assistant? A native speaker who would give some language feedback, maybe just point out some common mistakes and give advice on how to improve. It could be something like an online interactive learning platform, like a real language school but much more effective and personal.
    I would buy a study pack like this. The price I would pay is about a price of an average skype lesson with a native speaker of English, I guess.
    Anyway, I hope you can find ways to make a living from just this podcast. You create amazing content which has helped so many people to improve their English already. So why not do what you enjoy full time and get paid for it? It would only make your podcast better (if that’s even possible :)



  • Isabel

    Hey Luke!!
    I’m from Isabel from Bolivia! I am pleasantly surprised to hear you read out my experience about how I first discovered you through Italki at the beginning of this episode; I was about to go to work while I listen LEP and suddenly I heard my name I could not believe it was me, until you read my comment. I felt so happy for such a lovely surprise! thank you for correct some mistakes that I’m still making (especially in the present perfect :) I really appreciate it, you completely made my day!

    • You’re welcome Isabel! I’m glad it made your day! I read your comment on the day that I recorded the introduction to this episode and I thought that it was a good thing to share because you’re a fan of both italki and LEP. Cheers!

      • Isabel

        Cheers Luke :)