353. Award Ceremony / Paris Weather / Crazy Idea

This episode started with no title and no particular aim, but I ended up chatting about walking the red carpet at the ELTon awards, the rain and floods in Paris, getting struck by lightning, the revolution of fibre optic internet at home and a crazy idea about doing live podcast recordings around the world. Listen up!


  • I’m going to do some unplanned waffling on these topics:
  • ELTon awards – the ceremony, other nominees.
  • Paris weather – 3 weeks of rain, feeling under the weather, flooding, don’t get struck by lightning.
  • “Sorry, we’re English” – will continue during the summer (except most of August), LEPsters are always welcome, sorry if you came last Thursday and I missed you.
  • CRAZY IDEA – The LEP World Tour. Can you imagine me doing a live podcast recording or comedy show in your town or city? Do you know a good venue where I could do it? It would need a stage, a microphone, seating for about 50 people (perhaps more) and friendly staff. Let me know.
  • EURO 2016 – International football! And it’s happening in France.
  • Fibre optic internet (exciting development) – I no longer feel like I’m squeezing a litre of water through a syringe whenever I upload an episode.


  • Victoria Ivanchenkova

    I can’t wait to see you in Moscow!

  • Olga Litvinchuk

    Dear Luke!! I’ve just come from one of the most famous Ukranian city where people spend they vacations, I think that it would be a very suitable and comfort place for you to record your podcast and I bet that you would like this place. Really. Look at the pictures. This city has one of the most beautiful places, the so called Seaside boulevard. The are many musicians and actors and writers perform there in the evening. There are many lights there and the atmosphere is so romantic! And the city itself has a long history. many Russian writes and musicians and of course state figures spend their time and live there. Your photo by the way is really good. It seems to me that I appeared in France near Eiffel Torr. So look at my mine and have this feeling too;)) Yours, Olga. ps I think that I have listened almost all of your latest episodes. p.p.s glad to write a comment for you. really glad. all the vacations I didn’t have the possibility to write some comments, but I listened all of your episodes. From entertaining point I liked the Musical festival ( and your behaviour with your wife. Like another unknown person. Funny and in love ^^) but useful for me appeared to be the episode with your dad. There are some words and phrases which I translated wrong. So thank you. Now I know the truth!^_^

  • Alex

    Re. your crazy idea: Why not start with Berlin? It’s not that far. Actually I have a round birthday upcoming this year. Would love to invite you to do some stand-up. Since the sad news of Brexit people in Europe need to build stronger bridges on a personal level. So if you are open to come to Berlin I’ll contact you via email. Cheers, have lot’s of beer today… although not even beer will help today.

  • Celia

    Hi, Luke! You´re more than welcome to Madrid if ever you decide to visit us and live-record an episode here… Can´t guess the number of Lepsters in this city… but there have to be some, for sure…

  • Alexander Stupnikov

    Hi Luke! Please check your Facebook page for a private message from me. We should get in touch about your crazy idea!