380. Catching Up with Amber and Paul #3

In this episode the PODPALS Amber and Paul are back and we’re going to have the normal catching up session in which they talk about what they have been up to recently. As usual we sit on the terrace and get interrupted by insects, the sun, neighbours on their balconies around us (including a naked man eating his lunch) and the inevitable references to a certain Russian joke that always comes up in our conversations.

Small Donate ButtonYou should know that there is quite a lot of swearing and rude content in this episode, so be warned if you’re playing this in public or something. I have swearing on this podcast because I am trying to present you with real English – the kind of English I would normally speak with my friends, and the sort of English that isn’t necessarily taught to you in language classrooms. That’s the benefit of podcasting and that’s why the swearing stays in the podcast.

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Now, let’s enter the conversation on the terrace. At first Amber and I remind Paul of the last time he was on the podcast, which was in an episode called Would you rather? In that one we asked each other ridiculous questions and talked about things like having accordions for legs. If that sounds a bit strange, check out that episode and it should make a bit more sense.

354. Would You Rather…? (with Amber, Paul & James Simpson)

Then we all catch up with each other and talk about holidays in August, Amber’s son Hugo who is potty training and Paul’s new TV show which is currently showing on French television. Listen for more anecdotes and spontaneous speaking between friends.

And here we go…

*Conversation starts*


Can you describe the scene?

What have you been up to since you were last on the podcast?


  • Did you go away anywhere? Where did you go?
  • How is little Hugo?
  • Are you planning any shows for the coming year?
  • When are you going to start your own podcast for goodness sake?


  • Did you go away anywhere?
  • How was Louis CK?
  • What about your TV show?
  • You stopped doing the French podcast, but the English one is still going (and that was my plan for my French – to listen to you in French)


  • IvanKorjavin

    So, Russian joke is about “rush in ” , am i right ?

  • Sergio

    Hello Luke!!
    I finally decided to introduce my self I little bit as one of your really attached followers.
    I discovered your podcast quite two years ago and since then I have been listening to quite all your episodes. Up until now I have been a ninja listener, in fact this is my first comment on one of your amazing recordings. You’re great, You’re brilliant! I really enjoy your podcast. I’m really enthusiastic about it. I’m now listening to you’re podcast everywhere since I decided I want to work hard on improving my spoken english. I listen to your podcast while running, while driving and while cooking basically and it is a lot of fun!! Thank you very much for the fantastic work you’re doing with your podcast activity. In This particular podcast it was really amazing. I was laughing a lot. You guys are amazing. What a trio! I’m learning a lot from this podcasts. My english now has improved a lot since I joined the LEP community. Big hug to you all from Italy! Nice one! cheers mates! ;)

    • Hi Sergio, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast so much!

  • Ptholome

    When I lived In Lyon, France I had not problems about how many kiss people share because it was two. Maybe in Paris you have people from everywhere and that is the cause you never know what to do. But it is a little crazy however to make more than two kiss. One would be enough.
    In fact, in Cordoba, Spain, it was not usual to do that even if now, women kiss you once. But I don’t kiss them if they don’t make the move to do it. I like to shake ands and kiss only people I like.

    When I go to France I kiss my old friends men too. Not in Spain. I kiss only one of my Brother-in-law and my direct family and give a hug to mu friends or shake hands.
    But you know that there are different ways to shake hands. from the indifferent until the friendly way.

  • Ptholome

    Yes Chriss, children grow up as faster as you and I become older… That’s why we must enjoy any moment of our life avoiding to be worried by things which have not a real importance.

  • Mo Mir

    Hallo Luke, Amber and Paul,
    I’d like to thank you for your amazing show. I cannot stop laughing while you are doing threesome on the show, I mean in the good way :D

    I did not dare to visit your website, and see your real face, especially you Luke, because I had created an imaginary face of you (Amber and Paul too) based your voice(s). and I do not know how to change it in my memory right now after seeing your real appearance:D Anyhow, you look like an Iranian stand-up comedian, Max Amini, who I do not know whether you know him, or you have been told about your similarities by any other Iranian. Talking about cultural differences, I would like to share this video of him with you which shows some Iranian cultures of which you might not be aware :D Hope you enjoy it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQmJlw483eE

    Keep on your wonderful job, I have learned a lot from you, I appreciate it again.
    Best wishes,