Please take my survey / Anecdote Competition / ‘Russian Joke’ Video

This is just a ‘quick’ message from me to you about a podcast survey on the website, a reminder of the anecdote competition, a new video I’ve made about the Russian joke and some more rambling about things like The Beatles and conspiracy theories. The next ‘proper’ episode will be uploaded in a few days.

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Please take my survey

I’ve had this survey on my website for about a year but I am sure there are lots of people who haven’t taken it. So please visit the page and take the survey. It’ll take just one minute and will help me to understand what kind of episodes you like to hear on the podcast.

Anecdote Competition

I’ve already had about 20 entries. Where’s everybody else? I expect a lot of you are a bit put off by the prospect of being on the podcast, or you can’t think of something. Well, let me remind you of these things: It’s an anecdote party, right? So, bring some cake to the party! Don’t come empty handed! Have a little think about something that’s happened to you and record it! If you want inspiration, just go back to episode 379. If you’re planning to send me something but haven’t done it yet, hurry up because you’re running out of time.

Russian Joke Video

Other thoughts

More Ian Moore

The number of white men on the podcast

Mouse news

Podcast feedback – what do you like? What do you want more of? What do you want less of?

New Beatles documentary

Conspiracy Theories

  • Ivan

    Nice explanation, but I got the Russian(ing) joke immediately as I heard it for first time.

    So, you have not to explain it at all.

    Other listeners just joking on you asking for explanation.

    • Catherine Bear

      Do you think so? But maybe some people don’t get it… I didn’t understand it as I heard it for the first time. So, for me, it was very helpful.

      Your answer indicates that you must be a really high level of English, almost native one. It would be C2 then, the peak in a foreign language learning. You could say it’s our K2. The Mount Everest would be the native level, and Luke is our Tenzing Norgay. :)

      • Ivan

        You are very kind, Catherine.

        But my point was different, I just couldn’t deliver it.

        My point was: even I, with my low level of English, enjoyed that “rushing” joke.

  • Catherine Bear

    Wonderful, thanks! :)

    I overheard that you are in Spain now? Lucky you, enjoying the sun, huh?

    Maybe you can meet Ptholome there, and send the picture of both of you. ;)


    • Jilmani

      Hello again, hope you’re doing well. I designed the picture for you, hope you like it! (I don’t have laptop I only used some iPad apps to design)

      And yep I’m in Spain I would love to meet LEPsters here but don’t know any and I’m sure that they are from different cities :(


      • Catherine Bear

        What a romantic picture, beautiful! :)

        It looks like “Please, You can’t please all the people all the time”, because Please stands in the middle.

        Is this your Spanish holiday? I mean the beach. ;)

        Jilmani, please send this card to Zdenek. Maybe he can give it to his friend (featured in his anecdote) :))


  • Catherine Bear

    Well, I wonder how many anecdotes did Luke receive as of today… Now as the competition over, it is the assessment time for Luke. Hope the extra work load is manageable.

    Looking forward to the results!!!! Yeahhh!!!! :)

    ps: I didn’t participate of course (preoccupied with writing nice comments from my hiding place ;)

    • To be honest the number of anecdotes is pretty high and perhaps there are too many. It’s going to make the first round of the podcast quite tricky.
      But there are some awesome recordings in the collection and I’m sure round two will be a great episode.

      • Catherine Bear

        some spoilers maybe?… (just kidding)

        I can’t wait to vote! I hope they all be available on the LEP website?

  • Pavel Shilan (Crabulik)

    I really like the idea of The Beatles story without diving deep into dates. Because I find it difficult to keep track a story line with a huge number of dates. If someone wants to know dates, the better way for it is to use Wikipedia ^_^

  • Catherine Bear

    Luke, do the survey results meet your expectations? Or are you suprised at some points?
    I hope that folks have answered just once (from one device) — so that you could get an accurate picture. But maybe you don’t mind.

  • JuanPablo

    I can’t vote from my phone, don’t know why, but here it is: I love “Amber and paul are on the podcast” episodes (not only because of Paul joking about you RR joke). I listen some of them several times, because you three together are very funny!