400. The Pink Gorilla Story 2

I’ve decided to celebrate the 400th episode of LEP by making up an improvised comedy story, just for fun. In fact, this is the long-awaited sequel to The Pink Gorilla Story from episode 125.

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In this episode I’ve decided to tell you an improvised comedy story in the ‘one-man-show’ style – the whole thing is made up on the spot with different characters and jokes along the way. It’s a challenge for me to do this kind of episode, and it might be a challenge for you to listen to it too, I don’t know! I certainly hope you enjoy it.

This kind of never-ending ridiculous story is often known as a shaggy dog story. It’s an old joke archetype. People have been doing this sort of thing for years. Shaggy dog stories are just jokes that go on and on forever, although I think 80 minutes might be some kind of record.

a shaggy dog story (definition)

a long, rambling story or joke, typically one that is amusing only because it is absurdly inconsequential or pointless.

This episode is actually a sequel to the original Pink Gorilla Story from a few years ago. That one is kind of a cult episode, meaning it is really popular with certain listeners. For some people it’s their favourite episode ever. I really enjoyed recording that one because it was a chance to just have fun, let my mind run and try to think of funny scenarios and dialogues, which is quite liberating. You could try doing it too as an exercise in liberated creative storytelling for fluency or production. Switching off your ‘internal editor’ and letting your mind run free with crazy ideas can be very fun and can open up your creative side, which I think shouldn’t be forgotten in your quest to develop your language skills.

You might want to listen to part 1 of the Pink Gorilla Story first, so that the sequel makes a bit more sense (“makes sense” ha!) You’ll find it on the page for this episode (below), then listen to this one. Or, you could listen to this episode first, then listen to part 1 afterwards. It’s up to you. Either way, I hope you enjoy it and just come along with me on this ride into comedy nonsense-land.

Similar stories I’ve done in the past

I have done other improvised stories like this in the past (linked below), but The Pink Gorilla Story was the first one I did and I’ve been meaning to do a sequel for a while. So, finally, here it is.

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Thanks Jairo!


  • Ptholome

    Hi LEPsters,

    We have released a copy of the ep 400 so you can read it here: docs.google.com/document/d/1iF6aVIzYXkuZ6XKgugPoCDvUzMyoNq3Bfr3fZkKB6hM/edit?usp=sharing

    Orion LEP transcription team.

  • Amazing!! There was just one thing missing: Paul Mccartney saying wuuuuuu :)

  • Catherine Bear

    Well, I wish you a great sight for your sore eyes! ;)
    I’m sure, Luke’s English Podcast keeps you cheered up at all times. :)

    • Jilmani

      Thanks Cat ❤ that’s very sweet of you.

      It sure does!

      • Catherine Bear

        Jilmani, do you know this famous line of Tim Vine — with “What a site for sore eyes!”? ;)

      • Jilmani

        Yep :D


    • Jilmani

      Thank you ❤️

      • Catherine Bear

        Dear Jilmani, get well soon, I hope you didn’t dislocate your shoulder. :)
        Did you give Luke this cute pink gorilla, see the pic above in the body of this page? ;)

  • Sergio

    I’m really impressed! were you improvising all this story on the spot? really? You should be very proud of it. I guess that as a teacher and a podcaster you spend a lot of time practising your speaking abilities but, I mean what I heard in this particular podcast is amazing.., amusing and celeverly arranged onto an hilarious story. If i were you I would use these storytelling ability more often in the podcast.
    Congratulation for your 400 episodes!

    • Thanks! I had the basic storyline in my head but all the details are improvised. The inspiration to do it struck me last week, and as soon as I had the time I switched on the microphone and had a coffee and recorded it! Bear in mind I have been teaching for 15 years, podcasting for 7.5 years and doing standup for 7 years, so I’ve had plenty of practice. The key is to just switch off your editor and go for it! You’ll be surprised about what kind of thing you can achieve if you are willing to just let yourself go and have a lot of fun. Now I want to write the whole story down, develop it and perform it on stage as a show.

  • Rash


  • michal

    Good old Luke is back

  • Roberto Zafra Duarte

    Hi Luke,
    congratulations for your 400 podcast episodes and thank you very much for this hilarious episode. I’m sure that the best is yet to come.
    I almost died laughing with the sound effect of the door opening (41:45). It really has been fun.
    Regards and congrats again!

  • Cesar

    I´m very keen on your podcasts..
    My understanding of English has improved very much thanks to you.
    Thank you and congratulations for the 400 episodes

  • Eri Taguchi

    Cngrats!!! Luke!!! 400 episodes!!!
    My Englsih became much better than before and I want to say thank you very much for you Luke.
    Just because episodes are very interesting and I always feel that I want to keep listening them, it helps my English to improve.
    And italik which you mentioned here is also helps.
    And, I wanted ask you that how do you know there are a few pink gorilla in Osaka???
    yes,there are some pink gorilla in Osaka!!!!
    I know one and found some others living in Osaka.
    So I should not touch them!!!
    uploads.disquscdn.com/images/82ad3f9258611642cfac5f6fb9c1de16636043cf8910274fe69d5d3a15f12506.jpg uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f70ff470f0c70bb9aa10e526cec5c282753cf98d537821ded156be1eddccb369.jpg

    • Eri Taguchi

      I know the gorilla(Shinsaibashi, middle of Osaka city) on top and find another one(Higashi Osaka city) on web.

    • Actually, I had no idea there were any pink gorillas in Osaka! That’s pretty funny.

      • Eri Taguchi

        I knew one in advance and found new ones in Higashi Osaka and Sakai city. I think that you need to check them when you come to Japan next time!!!!