433. British TV: Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (Part 2) [Video]

Learn more authentic English directly from the mouths of these native speakers in an episode of the popular British TV show “Kitchen Nightmares” with famous chef Gordon Ramsay. Videos and vocabulary lists available below. 

**This episode includes swearing and some rude content** 




Video clips and vocabulary lists

Video 2 – The orange sauce looks like “sci-fi sperm”


Let’s watch the family in action
Is there any chance you could talk to her
If you open up and ask…
You don’t remember after 5 minutes
Like fuck do I!
You try to make me look small
It’s like a one man band in there
It’s totally upside down
A backlog of orders
Mick starts to crumble
I don’t want no (*any) more food sent down
He can’t handle it
I’ll get my head bitten off / to bite someone’s head off
I’d rather you didn’t take it out on me

Video 3 – The family at war


Michelle’s impressive
She’s left to face the fallout of Mick’s incompetence
The meals are now being sent back
He can’t handle it / can’t cope / can’t take it / can’t deal with it
I’ll go and sort it out
My husband’s big fucking dream is a complete farce
I’m not having a heart attack over this
My heart’s booming
He speaks to me like shit
I try and take all the knocks
Even I have a breaking point

Video 4 – Catching up with the Martin family at the end

The entire episode (with Korean subtitles)

  • Luan James

    Best episode ever !! hahaha

  • Marta KL
  • Nick

    I know most of that what they say but I can’t understand when they say it, I’m like Siri and it’s good that machines can’t feel…because at some moment it could became furious and began to speak with people like Gordon Ramsay :))

  • Agnes

    I think that there is always something in common in this kind of series of TV shows, there are conflicts of interests, arguments between relatives, splits up etc. In my opinion, it raises the show’s ratings, and I think is produced almost from scratch, every scene is produced and has a scenario. Why am I thinking this way? Because people love watching affairs, arguments etc. In Poland a TV program is full of these shows, people love it!

    But to be honest I don’t like them and I don’t watch TV at all.

    Anyway, part 1 and 2 of this episode is gorgeous! And I love Gordon’s swearing. It personalizes him and shows that he’s tough doing his job successfully.


    • Cat

      My TV is Luke’s English Podcast! :))

  • Cat

    Mick is an absolute disaster. But they say, in a relationship problem there are always two involved. So both are responsible for their misery, I think. The heaviest burden lies with their daughter. Who appears to be the most normal one. (But I’m not gonna judge them, I’m not a psychiatrist or couples’ councelor). :))

    Luke, I almost died laughing at your anatomy & physiology lecture. :)))
    Wonderful episode! (despite of the story). But c’est la vie: Mr Mulvaney, DeeDee, Mike & Family, Gordon Ramsay… a colourful kaleidoscope of characters on Luke’s English Podcast! :)

    • It takes two to tango.

    • Eri Taguchi

      Mick, he really looks like very old Japanese man who is very stubborn and has got no ear to listen to other people…. just my grand dad…
      I just wonder how are elderly or eged persons in other countries???

  • Sylvia

    I like chef Gordon Ramsay, though he says too much swearing words, maybe that is the most appealing part, I love these two episodes.

    • Cat

      Hi, Sylvia-cat! ;-)

      • Sylvia

        Hello, Cat! The cat in my portrait is drawn by myself, haha, isn’t it cute? you are very active in the comment. you must be a big fun of English.

      • Cat

        Nice job, Sylvia! Yes, I’m big fan of Luke, of British English and of cats! ;-)

  • Hahaha God! how useless can be this bloke Mike, Come on. I’m glad this family had a happy ending but wow, why she didn’t just divorced.

    • Cat

      If she gets divorced, there is no guarantee that she wouldn’t marry another Mick quite soon… Maybe there are some personality traits involved… Some people feel attracted to certain kind of people… But again, I’m not a psychiatrist. :))

      • Agnes

        and there is a question on the top of my head, do people sacrifice their privacy being in these kind of shows for material purposes? I would never do that even someone would offer me pile of notes:-)

        We had the similar episode which was filmed in my city, there were love affairs, conflicts and dull scenes. In the end, every local couldn’t stop laughing at these people. It was very sad.

        So is it worth filming our emotions, inside issues even for fame purpose or money? I don’t think so….


      • Cat

        Maybe the Mick’s family felt in the deadend. It was the last hope to partake in the show. Maybe it was their Hobson’s choice. :-)

        As for the TV channel — I think they don’t care much about personal issues. They care for the numbers of viewers, so they get their budgets. It’s part of their business model. Reality shows — as you say, Agnes — enjoy many viewers who feel themselves better after watching other people’s miseries. The FOX is capitalising on such reactions of ordinary viewers.

        I don’t think the BBC would put on such a show. The missions and rationales are quite different.

      • Actually, the BBC makes one of the UK’s most popular reality shows, The Apprentice (not with Trump thankfully, but with Lord Alan Sugar). The idea is that Lord Sugar is looking for a new apprentice, or a business partner and this is like a 12-week job interview. Every week one person gets fired and then in the end one person is “hired”. It’s a load of nonsense, but it makes pretty good telly!

  • So much useful language. I am gonna borrow this phrase :) “have your head screwed on” and “I try to take the knock”. Absolutely love this stuff.

  • The heat was still on in Mick’s Kitchen. The dark force was stronger. The Martin family was broken, so was my heart. The depression was killing me. This one man band seemed to creep up on us all. Everything was set to fail. We and they were all pretty pessimistic about their business. To our surprise, nothing could be more beautiful than the end.

    • Jack

      So eloquent.

      Mollie can turn simple language into gold

  • Jack

    Loved it.

    Thanks for uploading the second part our main man – you are a diamond geezer

    • Eri Taguchi

      Yeah!! I also loved it!!

      Real English with swearing!!!
      This is real world.