434. Interview with Paul Taylor – “WTF France?” [Video]

Interviewing Paul Taylor about his comedy projects, including “What the F*ck France” on Canal+ / Youtube and his stand-up shows #Franglais and The Paul Taylor Comedy Night. Video available.




Hello! Welcome to another episode of the podcast!

There’s a video for this one – you can see it on the website or on YouTube.

In this one you are going to listen to a conversation with my friend Paul Taylor.

Before that I would like to make an announcement. I’ve got some good news and also I need your help with something!

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LEP has been nominated in the British Podcast Awards for the “Listeners Choice Award”.

If I’m going to stand a chance of winning I need every single one of you out there to vote!

How to vote

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Paul Taylor on the Podcast

A few days ago Paul came over and we sat on the terrace to do a podcast. I thought I would interview him all about his TV show and find out how it’s all going.

We talked about his writing process for the show “What the F*ck France?”, about how the success of the show has changed his life in some ways, about the reactions he gets from people he meets these days – including people who recognise him in the street or on public transport, about the differences between performing on video and performing in front of a live audience on stage and about his plans for other projects in the future.

I also asked him a few questions sent in by listeners on the website.

Questions for Paul

Do you remember a couple of years ago, you’d come back from the fringe, and we talked about some dodgy reviews?
Now you’re successful with the TV show and the web series.
Has it changed your life?
Do you get noticed?
Do you prefer doing the videos or the stand up?
What’s your favourite episode?
What are the topics you’ve covered?

Website comments

Chris Benitez
What are you doing next, and are you going to do WTF for other countries?

Laura Fisher
Paul speaks fluent french, ask him to pronounce this tongue twister : ” Un chasseur sachant chasser sans son chien est un bon chasseur ” Amber could try this too. 

Cristina Ricciardo
I’d like they to tell about their very first performance. Good luck to you all!

Hello Paul hello Amber, how art you guys
My question is when and where did you first meet King ?
King please film this episode if possible, fanks.

What the F*ck France – Videos

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  • Rahul Shagrithaya

    I like the way Paul drops almost all the /t/ sounds.

    • Cat

      Hi Rahul! Luke does it too. Because he likes i- a lo-. :))

      • Rahul Shagrithaya

        After listening to him for so many hours, I’ve go’en into a habi’ of dropping ’em. I’m liking this a lo’ because i’ makes the language fluen’.

      • Cat

        Oh, you speak just like Luke, Rahul! :))

  • When I’m at Paris maybe I should do mexican version like “Que carajo Francia” or more spanish “Que coño Francia” xD.

    talking about movies in other countries “hard to die” in Spain is called “jungla de cristal (cristal jungle)” WTF Spain??? we all have horrible adapted names and voices over the movies.

    Here in Mexico there is a comedian that went viral just like you and he build a team of good new and not famous comedians so people could find new talents, so he made a this squad and they have events very often and do youtube videos all together I think that could work for you Paul.

    I think Luke haven’t learned French cause he is not looking forward to learn it. If he wanted to really learn it he will speak so fluenty by now.

    • Ptholome

      Hi Chriss,

      Que coño Francia doesn’t fit well because we can not say coño Spain, coño you, coño book… maybe “Jodida Francia” because we can say: Que te jodan, que jodido eres, jodido libro, Jodida España…. etc, etc…

      About Luke’s French: I think he is in France for three years now and it is not enough to have a great French speaking. And he has a Handicap: His wife, his friend, his job is in English and finally, as you say, he was not putting a lot effort on it. Nevertheless we don’t know his knowledge because certainly his French is better than what he believes.
      When I was in France, I had to learn French to survive so I stopped speaking Spanish for yeas, I never try to had Spanish friends and at work I spoke French even with Spanish people without even ask them if they were Spanish because I didn’t want to speak Spanish and it took me several years to have a good French.
      I had an advantage which was that I was kind of quite an ignorant person. I was 19 and my knowledge was not big. So it was not very difficult for me. But Luke has a big knowledge, maybe three times, or more, the vocabulary and knowledge I had at that time, so it is longer to learn for him.
      Our wives are French but mine didn’t speak spanish at that time so I had to learn faster than him.
      It is not easy for him to learn French also because he is a teacher, a podcaster, a stand up comedian and all of it in English. And the say has only 24 hours.

      Maybe he is not as bad as he says.

      • I think you have an interesting point there Ptholome. Thanks for your reply, I will be on france late this year for 8 months I hope I can improve my french cause now I just can say some sentences but listening is too difficult for me now. :)

      • Ptholome

        Where are you going to be?

      • 1 or 2 weeks before october till may on Créteil

      • Ptholome

        What are you going to do in France?

      • I’m in a government program that sends mexicans to france to teach spanish to young people :) maybe I can tell you more at skype or facebook, I don’t want to spam Luke here with so many comments

      • Ptholome

        OK, In Skype would be great to know more about it. But about to spam this web site it is too late. because we have some LEPsters Living here full time. :)

      • Cat

        That’s true. :))

  • Ruslan Musifullin

    Luke, as for being recognized by people around, in public places. What is your experience in Paris? I’m sure you meet a lot of guys who are listening you, how do you feel these moments?

    • I sometimes meet listeners to my podcast at the school where I work and sometimes at comedy shows, but other than that I never meet listeners in Paris! I think it’s because it’s an audio podcast and people don’t really know my face. Also, the fact that my podcast is not very big in France compared to other places.

      • Ruslan Musifullin

        Come to Russia then) I think here more your listeners, at least as I remember from your statistics we are on 2d or 3d position)
        Now when you’ve started video podcasting your face will definitely be more recognizable!
        And about your comedy perfomances, are somewhere their videos? It would be great to see your stand up’s!

      • Ptholome

        yeah but you are 140 millions of inhabitants and not more than 8000 listeners….

      • Ruslan Musifullin

        8000? hm, why is exactly this number?

      • Ptholome

        I don’t know the exact number. You can ask Luke about it.

      • Ptholome

        I can’t remember the episode where Luke speaks about the number of Listeners he has in every country. But Spain was on the top 5 with 6500 more or less and I don’t remember a number bigger than 8000 for the top 1 which was china I think.
        Maybe Luke can tell us the actual classification and the actual figures.

      • Cat

        Ruslan, @disqus_JVUGtxoQZL:disqus

        you can easily find the stats using the insite-search bar:


      • Ptholome

        Hi, Luke,
        I can’t remember the podcast where you were speaking about the best countries with the number of listener for each country. Do you remember the episode?

  • Thank you Diana.

  • Cristina Vida

    I have just voted for you! You’re super!