435. Catching Up With Amber & Paul #5 [Video]

Amber & Paul are back on the podcast in this episode as we respond to some questions and comments from the website and social media. Video available. Some swearing and rude language.




Amber Minogue

  • Amber is from London in England, but she’s been living in France for ages and she speaks fluent French.
  • She has the loveliest voice in the known universe, causing hundreds of thousands of listeners from around the world to melt as soon as she begins talking.
  • She has a son called Hugo who makes dinosaur noises and poos under tables (well, once).
  • She sometimes has nightmares about fish.
  • She loves listening to audiobooks and BBC Radio 4.
  • She sometimes works as a teacher with kids, but also has a background in theatre. In fact she studied mime for 2 years (actually it’s “physical theatre”)
  • She is a tour guide in Paris sometimes. In fact she is very well read and knows a lot about the history of this great city.
  • One of these days she’s going to produce her own podcast about the history of Paris and everyone is waiting for it expectantly. No pressure.
  • She recently learned the words burlap, gaslighting and Hobson’s choice. Listen to episode 431 for more details.
  • She’s probably more intelligent than either of us.

Paul Taylor

  • Paul is from Canterbury in England, which is in Britain, which is in the UK, which is in Europe (sort of).
  • He’s from England but also spent some time growing up in France where, as a child, he once nearly burned down his house and stabbed himself in the face with a kitchen knife while pretending to be one of the teenage ninja turtles.
  • He has a funny, infectious laugh which causes my listeners to make fools of themselves on public transport when they can’t help laughing too (which is one of the aims of this podcast)
  • He has naive eyes (a reference to a comment by a listener called Olga a couple of years ago.
  • He doesn’t know any words. (kidding of course)
  • He speaks French with “no accent”.
  • He also speaks Spanish, and has a bit of a talent for doing accents in English.
  • He used to work for Apple but quit his job to do comedy. It’s going pretty well.
  • He does his one man stand up show #Franglais twice a week to sold out audiences and his TV show “WTF France?” is a hit on YouTube and Canal+
  • He used to do a podcast called “Becoming a Comedian” which was all about the challenges of becoming a comedian, but now he’s become a comedian so the “Becoming a Comedian Podcast” is now redundant!

Comments & Questions from Listeners

Nick (on our recent ‘restaurants’ episode)
I was missing Paul’s laugh while listening to this…

Anonymous (on an episode from few months ago)
Amber’s voice seduced me

I just found this comment now…
Oh, dear… [thinking it’s too late]
If I could add some message for both Amber and Paul…
☆To Amber
I am looking forward to listening to your podcast with the most lovely voice in the world!!!
☆To Paul
I have been checking all video of “What The Fuck France” and can not wait next episodes and other videos on YouTube!!!
And please join in LEP sometime when you have time…

Alexandr Shnaider
Hi, Luke. I wonder when we should expect the release of Amber’s podcast and how we can find it.

I am looking forward to Amber’s podcast. I love her.

Hello,Luke,Amber and Paul! How are you doing?
My questions are
1.You are very funny. Did you use to make jokes in the classroom when you were students?
2. If you could have a special power, what would it be?
3. What food would you bring to a desert island?
Sorry for my silly questions.
Have a nice recording. I’m looking forward to listening to the Pod Pals!
And I can’t wait for Amber’s podcast!

Pavel Rybalko
Do you guys have favorite YouTubers?

Paul: JaackMaate (angry rants by a British guy in a shed)

Amber: Diane Love (not really a YouTuber but she does have some lovely hula-hooping videos)

Luke: Nerdwriter1 (Brainy video essays)

Jairo Trujillo García
Good luck for the show tonight!!! 👍
Question : What do you admire the most about the people you are sitting with right now ?
and why ?

oksipuskya (Comment on the TripAdvisor episode – episode 431)
One day about 10 years ago I’d a supper with my future husband and his father in a roadside cafe on the way home. The waiter brought my meal and we three noticed a small insect lying on the plate. In spite of this I ate all the supper. Then my husband’s father said that his son had to marry me. If I hadn’t been frightened to eat it I wouldn’t be struck by family routine. (?)

This image from Chris Benitez for fans of the Russian Joke (don’t know where it was originally posted)

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 15.10.20
Boy Trent (On YouTube)
Are you the same luke english who bid on a PS4 PRO system on ebay at the last minute? Then. Didn’t pay or leave me with any information as to what was going on? Ebay are now going to issue you with a non payment mark on the 19th March. 2017.
I should state that many honest people were bidding on this item and strangely – you appeared out of nowhere at the very last minute. After I had blocked bids from the usual eastern european fraudsters et al.
I am a person of integrity and honesty and am really sick and tired of people making false bids on items. Destroying the core purpose of ebay and leaving me with an unsold item and without £300 from the honest bidder you dishonestly won over.
Yes. I am angry. etcetc…

Sorry mate – you got the wrong guy! I’m not Luke English, my name’s Luke Thompson!

Hello Luke, Amber, and Paul,
Are you doing all right? As the French presidential election is drawing nearer, I was wondering what the three of you think about the candidates. After Brexit and the Italian constitutional referendum result, Marine Le Pen being the next French President could be the final blow for the European Union. In your opinion, does she stand a good chance to win the election? In this so-called ‘post-truth era’, do you consider opinion polls to be reliable enough?
All the best,

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  • Carmen P. B

    I find it hilarious how reticent you are to say any rude word because in Spain we use rude words all the time as a way of teasing each other and generally when joking around, so it comes as a shock that for british people the c-word is the worst thing you can say when the c-word in Spain is used in the same way you guys say bugger. It goes to show how different our culture is, I guess.
    It was really nice to actually see the podpals together in a video. Amber and Paul’s jingle is brilliant and so catchy, I’ve been singing it all day. Can’t wait for Amber’s podcast though, it sounds really interesting.
    Hope you’re having a good day over there, Luke. I have been recommending the podcast to my C1 classmates and they were very impressed with your bronze medal on the British Podcast Olympics haha.

  • Jasmine / JP

    Hello, Luke.
    Thank you for all the wonderful podcasts.
    I found you in 2013 when I was preparing for a visit to London.
    Since then I’ve listened to all episodes at least a few times including all back numbers.

    I was extremely happy the other day to hear someone say, “Though your English is not exactly British, you take on British accents. It’s nice and easy to listen to.” Given that I was taught American English throughout the schools, I owe all the compliments to you. Thank you, Luke.

    Today I’m writing to share my little story with you. After listening to the episode in which you and Amber talked about new words you’d recently encountered, I watched Father Brown on BBC1 on the Internet. I almost fell down from my chair to hear a financially troubled aristocrat say this. Can you imagine what he said? He said, “I’m afraid I have to sell this mansion . It’s Hobson’s choice.” !!

    I saw Amber on the video for the first time. She was a little different from what I’d imagined she would be. I thought she was more girly, but actually, she is articulate, cool and still sweet. I don’t know any other person besides Amber who can say ultra-super- four-letter words without the slightest hesitation and still is admired by everyone as being intelligent. I like her even more.

    Thank you for reading this, Luke. Take care.

    • Hobson’s Choice!!
      Thanks for the message Jasmine, I’m glad you like the podcast. Yes, that’s one of Amber’s super powers.

  • Olga Litvinchuk

    So, Luke about the idea of videos: it’s SOO unusual:)
    I mean not to hear you , but to see your all, to see your body language, to see your mimicry and gestures. You know how it’s important and what part it plays in the understanding of other people. So I think it’s step forward;))
    Anyone who’ is interesting, will definitely watch it;)) And of course if someone has got free time, it’s really a new way of knowing British culture, its people.
    I’ve always got picture of all your guests in my mind and now there are real people in video. So good idea;))

    I liked standard question about super power.
    As a child I liked very much series “The Secret World of Alex Mack”. I was crazy about these series. She had this kind of power ( I swear that when I was a child I tried to do such things):the ability to dissolve into a mobile puddle of water.
    It was sooo fantastic. You can watch the video if you have some free time:

    also she had the ability to: telekinesis, shooting electricity from her fingers and so on.


  • Josep

    Hi !! Talking about “gaslighting” … I was watching a movie a few days ago, I think it was “The girl on the train” or.. “Inception” (can’t remember. I watched a few ones on a row…) and that word was used in the script!!
    So… it is so nice to learn new weird words and recognize them when used by someone!!
    Thank you !!!!

  • I love the story about “Luke English”. It’s hilarious.
    Also video is very good. I can enjoy this episode twice, just audio and then with video.