Hello everyone, this is Luke Thompson and you’re listening to ‘A Phrasal Verb a Day’ and this is phrasal verb number 81 and it is ‘to make up to’ or usually as the phrase ‘to make it up to someone’.

– I’ll MAKE IT UP TO you

– Let me MAKE IT UP TO you

Okay. Now, when do we say this? Well, imagine that you’ve done something wrong, you’ve done something bad and you’ve made someone feel unhappy or upset then you would say that you’re going to MAKE IT UP TO them which means that you’re going to do something good that helps them feel better after you did something bad to make them feel bad. Do you understand that? I hope so. Let’s just run through it again. For example: a friend of yours lets you stay in his flat and he says:

– Just make sure you water all the plants

okay, and you stay in the flat, you forget to water the plants and they all die and your friend comes home and he says:

– All my plants are dead! What happened?

and you go:

– Oh my God, I’m really sorry. I forgot to water them and they all died. But look, let me MAKE IT UP TO you, okay? I’m really sorry. I’ll make it up to you. I’ll take you to the garden centre and I’ll buy you loads of new plants, okay? I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to let them die but I want to MAKE IT UP TO you so I’m willing to buy you a whole new set of plants. What do you think?

Alright? So, ‘to make it up to someone’ means to do something good, to help someone feel better because you did something bad to them.

– I’m really sorry. I’ll MAKE IT UP TO you.

– Let me MAKE IT UP TO you

– I want to MAKE IT UP TO you

‘Make it up to someone’

– I’ll MAKE IT UP TO you

You could… different ways of pronouncing this, okay? ‘I’ll make it up to you’ or ‘I’ll make it up to you’ or ‘I’ll make it up to you’, ‘make it up to you’. ‘I’ll make it up to you’, ‘I’ll make it up to you’. It’s just a difference in the ‘t’ sound. ‘Let me make it up to you’, ‘let me make it up to you’ or ‘let me make it up to you’, alright? That’s been your phrasal verb of the day today. Let me now stop recording this and I’ll do another one. Thanks for listening. Bye for now.

  • riddle

    To water plants. I didn’t know it! I’ve just learned something ! Ok let’s get to the point of this daily language workout! I’ve got to make it up to my girlfriend for not supporting her during the semester finals. I should have been there for her. You think, a bundle of roses will make up for it? Let’s try this out!

  • Andrzej

    OK, Luke. I’m going to give it to you straight. Jeff’s extremely angry with you because you no longer want to feature him on the phrasal verb podcast. He wants to take over your podcast and turn it into Jeff’s English Podcast, all the Leppers turn into Jeffers, their sons into Jeffersons then send them to US to mess up their political system. Unfortunately the only way to get in touch with Jeff is this comment section but he replies very rarely. In fact, he never does. Some say Jeff doesn’t even exist being just a made up character invented by Luke what cannot be true because yesterday there was an interesting interview with him on the BBC World News. But if it IS true and Jeff doesn’t exist then I’m really sorry to have upset you and I’ll try to make it up to you somehow. However, do not expect too much – just a few plants, no more. ;)
    ps. ;)

    • I think Jeff is on holiday and he’s been replaced by someone called Johnathan, who is not doing a very good job and everyone misses Jeff very much, especially the woman who works in the biscuit shop, and in fact although Jeff is on holiday in the Maldives, he’s just not happy because, well, their biscuit selection isn’t very good as they’re mainly, sort of, weird foreign biscuits and they have no jaffa cakes, or as they should be called “Jeffer Cakes”.