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  • Pablo Rabadan Arza

    These are the best explained materials about phrasal verbs.
    Your podcasts helped me a lot and the get off one help me to understand the 17 meanings of the verb, which I though it was impossible.

  • DY

    Hi I’ve startd listening to your phrasal verb podcast. I found that It is the perfect content to study by myself since I can use phrasal verb in my real life right after listening to it. I can rather easily find written version of phrasal verb lisy but actually listening to your explanation is better for me to understand and memorize it.
    Though It’s a shame that you coundn’t reach your goal, which is making 365 list of it. but I also understand It will be very hard for you to carry on this without any sponsorship. I actually think this contens worth to pay, you might want to publish it through another platform.
    Thank you again^^
    DY from Korea.

  • Paquito Pulido

    great job
    thanks for everything Luke
    please finish phrasal verbs with q r s t ……letters please !

  • Saber Meilleur Garçon

    why you don’t continue to make some other video about the phrasel verbs

  • M Sosa

    I enjoy listening to all your phrasal verb podcasts. They are very useful. Thanks.

  • Sergei

    Hi, Luke. It seems you have got stuck with the project. No new phrases for so long time…

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  • Sebastian RC

    Amazing thing. I’m going to post this on facebook so more people know about it.

  • Thanks Luke! Your lessons are great! They help me a lots!

  • Daniela Alves