Phrasal Verb Episodes – Transcript Collaboration


Hi everyone, I have decided to set up a transcript collaboration for these phrasal verb episodes. This means that I am inviting you to write transcripts. Most of the episodes already have transcripts, but some don’t. Above you can find a link to a set of Google documents for episodes with no transcripts. To get started, just open a Google doc, listen to the audio for that episode (I recommend downloading first) and then try to type exactly what you hear. I’ll correct it later and add it to my website. It will be really useful for you, me and plenty of other people, so you will be doing a very good thing indeed!

The Benefit of Writing Transcripts
Writing transcripts is a great way of doing some focussed listening. It really trains your ears to identify each individual word, and it allows you to pick up new words that you didn’t even realise you were missing. These phrasal verb episodes are perfect for transcribing, because they’re not too long! Also, you can really help other listeners whose English is not at your level, and who need to read what I have said. The benefit for me is that I can offer more value through my website. So, everyone’s a winner baby, and that’s the truth!

There are some rules to to doing these transcriptions:

  • Don’t edit other people’s writing without permission.
  • When you start typing an extract, write the time-code for your extract (e.g. 2:14 – 6:20) – this will prevent people writing the same section.
  • When you have finished, please change the name of the document by adding ‘Finished’ (Google account is required) or send an email to Andrzej (Andrew) Kosmala, saying “I have finished transcribing #42” (for example)
  • Let’s use Arial size 11, not bold.
  • Don’t type ‘wanna’ or ‘gonna’ – write ‘want to’ or ‘am going to’.
  • When I have checked a transcript, and added it to the website, I will rename the document “Published”.

Here is the link to the Google documents:


Thank you! :)

  • Andrzej

    Did I mention that being in rehab we are looking forward to new exciting episodes of APVAD and the whole series to develop? Did I? Please, find attached a picture of the place where APVAD transcribers usually rest after transcribing particularly tough episodes like #131 :)

    • Terrific photo!

      • Andrzej

        Jūrmala, near Riga in Latvia, 3 years ago. If you had joined us to transcribe podcasts we would have taken you with us to have a rest after hard work.

      • Looking at this photo again, I have to say I am really impressed. It’s absolutely amazing.

  • Andrzej

    Hi Luke, All transcripts finished! We are all in rehab now suffering from pissing overload.

    • Haha, yes it got a bit messy in episode 130 didn’t it?
      Thank you, I will get them published as soon as possible.

      • Andrzej

        No, #130 is OK. #131 is a bit smelly, if you don’t mind me putting it in this way. :)

      • Ah yes, episode 131 is the one.
        OK, I will get some more recorded as soon as I can!

  • Andrzej

    Hi Luke, Some nice LEPster, I had a really nice chat with earlier on today’s evening, reports that #132 has been transcribed and is ready to publish. There’s only one left, #131. We take it in turns because of the language that we cannot stand ;)

  • Andrzej

    Testing! Testing! It’s Norwegian blue. I’ll delete it.

  • Andrzej

    Another test comment using Disqus. I’ll delete it.

  • Andrzej

    Hi Luke, This is just a test comment from Disqus account to remind you of #130 which has no mistakes. It’s absolutely faultless and flawless, the ultimate in perfectness. I swear to Grey Blanket.

  • Andrzej

    #130 is ready. I’m pretty sure it’s correct.
    ps. Something’s happened to the comments section. Old way of logging in ceased working.

    • Hi Andzrej, thanks for the update I’ll add it to the site asap.
      Yes, I’m trying a new comment system which I think will be a long term improvement for the site, but I’m afraid it’s cutting through the old logo system. Sorry about that. I think Disqus (new system) will ultimately be better. I hope so anyway.
      Sent from my phone

      • Andrzej

        Yeah, there are some advantages, undoubtedly.

  • Andrzej

    #129 ready. Luke! Pipe down and get down to work, please, if you don’t mind me being a little bit rude. If only you saw this spate of email requests I get every day: ‘When is #129 episode transcript going to be published?!’ ps. They all come from jeff@jeff.jf

    Summing it up #127, #128 and #129 are waiting for you.

  • Andrzej

    Hi Luke, Two things. 1. You marked #127 published on Google Docs but you did not publish it. 2. #128 is ready.

    • Hi Andrzej, they’re both published now. Thank you!

  • Than you. I’ll check it and get it published asap.
    No idea why the mobile theme issue continues. I turned it off. Any ideas?

    • Andrzej

      Did you clear the cache afterwards?

      • I don’t think I did, so I’ve just cleared the cache now. Could you check when you get a moment?

      • All seems to be back to normal. I’ll keep an eye on it.

      • 10/10

      • All seem… Such mistakes drive me up the wall! Everyone has got their own wall :)

      • “All seem” could be OK if you meant “All (of them) seem” and you elided the (of them), as we do sometimes.
        But if you wrote ‘all’ meaning ‘everything’, then yes it should be “all seems”.

      • Thanks for the grammar advice. I even decided to dig Cambridge dictionary to find out more about ‘all’ but quickly gave in. I said to myself – Keep listening to Luke then trust your instinct.
        ps. Still no signs of the issue. So far so good.