This is an award-winning podcast!

My podcast has won 5 awards and has been nominated for another. Details below.

FullSizeRender copyThe British Podcast Awards: Listeners’ Choice Category

I’m stunned and delighted to have won the bronze medal in the Listeners’ Choice award at the British Podcast Awards 2017. This is amazing because I was competing with some really huge podcasts from the UK including my all-time favourite, Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review.


LEP has been nominated for an ELTon award!The British Council ELTon Awards – Nomination for the Award for Digital Innovation

In 2016 Luke’s English Podcast was nominated for an ELTon award in the category of Digital Innovation.  The ELTons are the English teaching industry’s most respected awards. They’re like the Oscars for English teaching. The Digital Innovation category is for digital products or services that enhance learning through the innovative use of technology. My podcast didn’t win the award this year but I was very proud to be among the nominees. I consider it to be a great achievement to have my work on the podcast recognised by the English teaching industry, and I was very happy to attend the red-carpet award ceremony in London.

Luke’s English Podcast has won four Macmillan Dictionary Awards

In 2011 LEP won the award for “Best Blog about the English Language” in the Macmillan Love Dictionary Awards. In 2012 and 2013 it won the same award again. Then in 2014 it won the award for a fourth time!

Luke’s English Podcast won these awards because my listeners voted for me. So, thank you if you voted for me!

IATEFL BESIG conference – “Best Presentation by a First Time Speaker”

In 2012 I presented a talk at the IATEFL BESIG conference with my colleague Andy Johnson. We won the award for “Best Presentation by a First Time Speaker”. We were proud to be given the award by Prof. David Crystal who is an English teaching hero of mine! Really – David Crystal is a great author and expert on linguistics. It was an honour to meet him.

David Crystal, me and Andy Johnson

David Crystal, me and Andy Johnson

You can see a video of our presentation below.

  • Johan

    Hi everyone.
    I just want to encourage all of you that haven’t yet voted for Luke’s English Podcast to consider doing that. LEP is such a fantastic source for learning english and Luke seems to be very a nice guy giving it all to us for free.

    He obviously put down a lot of time and work in order to serve us. So let us show our appreciation by voting for Luke’s English Podcast at the British Podcast Awards.
    I think it just a few days left now to vote before BPA close the votings.

    I think LEP is one of the things that makes internet a wonderful place.
    Thank you for reading my message and please vote for Luke’s English Podcast at the British Podcast Awards.
    /J in Singapore

  • Alex

    Hi Luke!
    I just voted for your podcast. Luke for British Podcast winner! Good luck. Anyway, winning or not, we listeners love it and win with every episode. Thanx a lot for your time & work.

  • SaFtiG Entzückendes aus Stoff

    Hi Luke! I just voted for you and your podcast! You are the best :-) I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope you will win!

  • Matt

    You should be knighted

    • Cat

      He will! ;)

  • Dmitry

    Hi Luke! Thank you for the really cool podcast. You really deserve all the awards and may be more. The only thing that makes me upset: why I hadn’t found your podcast before. If I had, my English would have already been much better.

  • Dentudix

    Hi Luke… I’ve just listened to this podcast, thank you so so much for sharing my comments about Italki.., here You have the teacher’s links that I wrote about … this first one is Sue Daley… The other one is lydia from Canada
    Thanks for your advice I’ll do it
    Best regards

    • Brilliant. Thank you! Sue looks lovely.

      • Dentudix

        Yes actually, is so lovely. She also has an amazing sense of humour like you, so maybe you could meet her. I’ll have lesson on Tuesday and I’ll tell her about you.
        Have a nice weekend!

  • Kai Chen Wang

    Hi Luke,
    I’m Kai Chen from Taiwan.
    Thank you for making this interesting podcast. I enjoy it very much !
    In Taiwan, American English was taught generally in every school. British English is relative unfamiliar to me.
    I’ve been sent to London working in 2014 for 3 months. I had a difficult time getting use to British English. But it is that timing that I became fascinated by British English.
    Anyway, listening to LEP has become a ritual while I’m driving.
    Thanks for all the good works. I’ve indeed learned a lot.
    Best wishes
    Kai Chen Wang

  • Nagendren Krishnamoorthy

    I am Nagendren Krishnamoorthy from India. Like many countries, We do have too many languages and most of our states are divided based on languages. I have studied my entire schooling in Tamil (Language spoken in Indian state Tamilnadu, ). Even after 4 years college studies completely in English, I did not have enough courage to face English speaking people. I have been listening to your podcast about an year. I could feel the real difference in my confidence while speaking English. Thanks a lot for your wonderful work and I am extremely happy for you getting awards. I pray to the God for your health and I wish you to continue the amazing work for years and years. Once again thanks. If you get time to read my message, kindly reply me. Your reply will motivate me further.

    • Hi Nagendren,
      Thanks for such a positive message. I’m really glad that you’ve found listening to my podcast to be beneficial to your English and your confidence. Your comment was certainly really well written. I do intend to carry on for sure.
      Thanks again,

  • Hi Luke, We have created a language practice site at which links people to chat about their shared interests through their target languages. 33+ languages and 101 interests are available. The site is completely free.
    Our philosophy is that one way to move our languages forward is to chat with our language peers about our shared commonalities.
    We would value any feedback or suggestions in relation to our site.
    Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you.
    Le meas,

  • Congratulations