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  • Odi Loewenberg

    Halo Luke, I hoppe I can do my recicle in British English with you. i live in Brasil by the Beach, but my son live now in London. i now well English, but I nead to recicle to British English, Could you help me, please? But speack Slowlier to me. I am 75 years old. and I sent you a messege there up. ok/
    Thank you very much.I have also Skyppe so we can talk by skype. It is different as my email address. it is odi loewenberg,bye and thank you

  • Cat

    Luke, good morning!

    I was wondering if this section of your website is a good place to post our recent google doc for your 40th birthday as a permanent link. People could read it and add their feedback (text and pics) in there. What do you think?

    Thank you!


  • Flora Xing

    Hey Luke! I just want to pitch in for persuading you to invite Jarvis Cocker on your podcast. I’m from China, 26, and I’ve been a fan of him for 3 years, it’s odd enough yeah? And according to our Chinese, we believe there are people in the world who you have mysterious connections with, even when they are a million miles away. Last time i was in Shanghai and worked as an interpreter for somebody from London School of Arts. It turned out the husband of this lady was in a band, and a longtime friend with Jarvis Cocker. She even said that if I would come to London they can invite Jarvis for coffee and introduce me, which unfortunately, never happened. But hey, I was listening to your podcast yesterday and you mentioned him, it’s serendipity for sure! If ever he does come to your podcast, please make sure you mention this anecdote to him. And tell him that he has fans even in China. We came to the screening of the documentary of Pulp: A Film about Life, Death and Supermarkets, I think in summer of 2015, and at the beginning of the movie when Common People came out, everybody in the audience chanted along, it was quite surreal. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Luke your words water is something. But your jokes are rude and hard understanding. Will be softer in your expressions and jokes for example ” he is рудий та безсоромний”.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry for the meddling but I could not avoid to answer. Luke does a great job and helps a lot of people to learn English. You are the one that is rude saying someone what to do or what not to do. If you do not like it, you are free to go.