On this page you can see a list of the episodes that have transcripts. Many of these transcripts were written by listeners as part of the LEP transcript writing collaboration.

Transcribed Episodes of Luke’s English Podcast

412. British Festivals and Holidays (Part 2)

411. British Festivals and Holidays (Part 1)

363. Muhammad Ali & The Rumble in the Jungle

331. How’s your English? (and why speaking is so important)

327. The LEP Photo Competition – Please check out the photos and vote

324. David Bowie (Part 2)
323. David Bowie (Part 1)

320. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

315. Do me a favour – Take my Business English Survey!

314. Luke’s Guided Sleep Meditation

305. Back to the Future (Part 2)

304. Back to the Future (Part 1)

303. The Battle or Britain

300. Episode 300 (Part 1) – the first 30 minutes are transcribed

California Road Trip Episodes are about 85% transcribed
295. California Road Trip (Final Part)
294. California Road Trip (Part 7)
293. California Road Trip (Part 6)
292. California Road Trip (Part 5)
291. California Road Trip (Part 4)
290. California Road Trip (Part 3)
289. California Road Trip (Part 2)
288. California Road Trip (Part 1)

282. Questions from

280. The UK’s Top 13 Superstitions

Survey: What kind of episodes of LEP do you prefer?

276. Q&A Session 5

274. Q&A Session #4

270. UK General Election RESULTS

269. UK General Election (2015)

268. UK General Election 2015 (Part 1)

266. Telling Jokes in English (Part 3)

265. Telling Jokes in English (Part 2)

264. Telling Jokes in English (part 1)

262. What is Britishness (part 2)

261. What is Britishness (part 1)

259. Eulogy for Dennis

256. Reading Books in English (and listening to them too)

254. IELTS Tips and Tricks

174. How to Learn English with Luke’s English Podcast

172. British Comedy: Peter Cook & Dudley Moore

167. Memory, Mnemonics & Learning English

164. Transcript Collaboration

162. Having Babies: Vocabulary / A Male Perspective

146. Nightmare Teaching Experiences (Part 2)

145. Nightmare Teaching Experiences (Part 1)

140. Ghost Stories

133. Hip-Hop Lyric Analysis

130. A Cup of Tea with Sebastian Marx

128. Luke’s Stand Up Comedy Show

125. The Pink Gorilla Story

121: Americanisms (Part 2)

120. Americanisms

118. Sick in Japan

117. Psychics / Cold Reading / Barnum Statements

116. Could it be you…?

78. Christmas – It’s all about Family

The Ice Cream Episode

Top Advice for Learning English / Idioms with ‘say’ / Culture Shock

Learning English – Advice from a German comedian living in London

Scotland / Scottish Accent

Discussing Grammar with My Brother

Doctor Who

The Mystery Continues…

24. Music Idioms

Learning English with Podcasts – Advice from a Chinese student at Oxford University

Passive Verb Forms

10. Extra Podcast – Quick Hello 2

8. Dating and Relationships

7. Susan Boyle

6. Vampires!

5. Joaquin Phoenix

4. Extra Podcast – Quick Hello

3. Music/The Beatles

2. Easter

1. Introduction

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  • Frédéric

    Hi Luke and all the listeners, it’s just to tell you i’ve just finished transcribing my first podcast, it’s the 300 episode part 1, i’m really proud of doing my first transcription, really good for my english and for yours if you need to read at the same time of your listening, i sent it to piotr for checking it and i hope it will be soon on

    • Thank you Frederic :)

    • Ptholome

      I frederic, I am making a team for this job. I believe it is easier to be several of us than to be alone and we can be as proud like a team. If you are interested let me know. We are 6 people. And even if they are too busy, we can do a good job together. See you. We are people from Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine, Spain. 3 women and three men but I am looking for a team of 12 persons. 5 min each and the podcast is finished. Though later there is the page layout and several proofreading to be sure we give the best job we can perform. see you Frederic

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  • Junior Olivares

    Hello Luke, this is Junior Olivares from Dominican Republic, your podcasts are very educational I love them! Thank you so much the good work. Please, I need a transcription for the 249. News podcast, I’d like to check some words and expressions.

  • Michael

    Can anyone make a transcript of this video?

  • Kozy

    This is absolutely fantastic and that what I wanted so long time! I wanted to print them out and listen Luke’s English Podcast and read the transcription while my way to work! So I can check the new words and phrases. That is wonderful enough. I really appreciate it!!

  • OK.Luke,you are great.

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  • Stefania Frasca

    What does the different colour mean? It is not clear what episodes are still to be transcribed. A list of the episodes available for transcription at the moment would be more useful. Thank you.

    • The different colours don’t have any special significance. They’re all links to those episodes. For some reason WordPress creates links with different colours sometimes.

      So, there are 3 groups of episodes:
      1. Episodes which are already transcribed: That’s the list on this page
      2. Episodes available for transcription on Google Docs: That’s the list on the “Transcript Collaboration” page
      3. Episodes which haven’t been transcribed yet: That’s all the other episodes!

      Eventually I will create Google Docs for all the episodes, but if there is a particular episode that you would like to transcribe, just tell me and I will add a Google Doc for that episode.

      If that’s not clear, just let me know ;)

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