• Anastasia

    Hi Luke, thank you for this amazing podcast! It helps me a lot and makes learning English so much more easier and funnier at the same time. I´m a little bit sad I discovered it only a few weeks ago… but anyways better late than never! Thanks one more time for your brilliant work!
    And sunny greetings from Sicily

    • Ptholome

      How can you have a sad thought when you are happy to have discovered this podcast. Don’t let any negative thought to put down the joy to be here.
      The great part is that you have 450 episodes at your disposal when I had only 255 when I went here. So be happy and enjoy it. :)

  • Mike Sweeney

    Hi Luke
    I would like you to consider making shorter and relevant stories for foreign students aged 11 to 15 learning English. But they would need to be simplifued and last from 1 minute to 3 minutes maximum. Could be good for you too. They are much needed.

    • Ptholome

      Could you develop your idea? and why a 11 to 15 can not listen to a podcast of more than 3 min?

      What are the pro and cons of your proposal?

  • Tomasz

    You see it Squadron 303 and episode 303? The same numbers- cool !!!

    Thank you very much for bringing Squadron 303 topic. In Poland, you have a lot of listeners.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Luke. Thanks a lot for your website. It’s useful for me in teaching English grammar and listening skills.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Luke, i’ve been so happy since i listened your amazing work. these are so precious and useful materials for me.esspecially for listening skill. i can improve this skill time to time through your postcard. it’s extremely real english in our life.

  • Julia

    Hi Luke! I’m Julia from Russia. You are the best of the best, thank you for your time, ideas, and smile! It’s a great pleasure to hear your voice and to get to know new things about english traditions and language every day))

  • Lalithe

    Hello Luke, You are doing marvelous service to English learners all over the world. How did this idea come to you first? I hope you will answer.
    Lalithe from Sri Lanka(a keen English learner)

  • Tim

    Hi Luke, my name’s Tim. I’m from Moscow in Russia. What you’ve been doing is brilliant. I really like your podcasts. They’re really helpfull, and not only for those who learn English, but they’re also a very good source of useful information about people, travelling, other cultures and so on. It’s fascinating. Thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Luke, thank you very much for this brilliant work. I was looking for this type of thing. Actually I work in a MNC company where I have to communicate with people from different parts of the world. My english listening is not good and I am facing problems in my work. I am very much excited seeing your podcast. I believe it will help me lot.