• Ipaja

    Your podcast is trully helpful!! Thank you!

  • Hi Luke. It is very very good work. Thank you very much!

  • Anonymous

    Hello Luke, I hope you are fine. First of all I want to give you a big thank for this great work. I think this is one of the best website for learning English specially listening. I am very frustrated because my English is not improving in particularly listening part. Fortunately after long search I found your website which is I feel very helpful. Thank you very much for that.

    • Welcome! I’m sure it’s going to help if you listen a lot.

  • Miguel García

    Hi Luke, How is it going?

    I’m Miguel, from Barcelona and I’ve started to learn English two years ago. I was a bit worried about my slow progress in it when suddenly…your media files (podcasting) appeared in my life, it was amazingly and hopefuly great!!!

    I’m listening to your podcasts since 2010. Although I’m not a particulary electronic gadgets lover, I’ve recently bought an MP3 player and if you are wondering: What happens with this guy!!! Firstly he says “I’m not a particulary… and a few seconds later… bought an…” Well, as you can imagine I did that JUST FOR LISTENING YOUR PODCAST. They are all extremely helpful and useful media ways to learn how we must use the Real British English in our lifes.

    Thanks Luke! You’re the best!!!

    See you soon!!!

    • Wow, I should be selling MP3 players! Great to hear from you Miguel. I’m really glad LEP is such a hit with you.

      • Antonio (ptholome)

        Maybe you should ask Apple to put an advice of their iPod there.

    • Miguel García

      Hi Luke!

      I was enjoying listening to one of your amazing episodes audio when…suddenly I remembered that I hadn’t done my donation yet!!! I’m really sorry about that and, of course, I’ve just made a little donation to you. I know, I know…maybe it isn’t really enough once but, don’t worry, I’ll do it more money support on your website, in the near future or I hope so!

      See you soon!

      • Thank you Miguel! Welcome to the club of Extra Super Special Listeners. Thank you for your donation :)

  • Slavon

    Hello Luke! I’m Slava and I’m from Russia me 25. I’ve been studying English for 3 – 4 months. I have never listened podcasts before. It’s my first one. Thank you very much for the wonderful podcast. Have I correctly written?)

    • “I’m Slavia, I’m from Russia and I’m 25.”
      “I have never listened to podcasts before.”
      Welcome to LEP!

      • edy

        Slava-it is from Vyacheslav,male.

  • Marina

    Hi, Luke! You’ve been doing a great job (am I right with the tense? :) ) It’s fun to be listening to you. And it’s obvious you enjoy doing this good deal! Thanks for all, I can’t imagine my life without you anymore (doesn’t it sound too expressly? :)))))))!

    • Correct, except i would write “It’s fun to listen to you” and “Doesn’t it sound too expressive?”
      No, I think it sounds like you really enjoy the podcast. What can be wrong about that? :)

  • Juan Luis

    Hi luke, I´m a spanish student. one month ago a friends of mine told me about your blog, and thanks to that I´m listening while I go to do jogging or before to sleep.
    I think that is very useful for improve our listening.
    Thans for all.

  • Carolina

    Hi, Luke! Great job! I’m from Argentina and I’m studing English (my level es pre-intermediate). Your podcasts are really very useful for me. It was fantastic when I discovered you surfing on the internet!!! I would be really thankful if I could have these podcasts on Android soon (to improve my English on my mobile phone). This could be possible? Thanks so much Luke.

    • Hi Carolina, it’s possible to get the podcast on an android phone. You’ll just need to download an app from the Play Store. Search for free podcast apps, or if you don’t mind paying a little bit you could use PocketCasts. Click “How to Download” in the menu (above) to find out more.

    • Isabel Millán

      Audioboom is for Android, it’s free and it works perfectly. You can download the episodes in your device and then listen to them off line.
      Good luck!

  • bigboss076

    just yesterday i found you by searching on tune in, and you do a great job, congrats

  • Hi Luke, congratulations, very good work, I’m a Brazilian student and for me it helped a lot because I and a friend of mine are doing a task for our Thematic Studies on English Language and we needed some sample of British accent. Thank you very much.