“Luke, how can I download episodes of Luke’s English Podcast”?

You can:

  • Download or stream directly from the website
  • Use podcasting software such as iTunes to stream or download
  • Download on your smartphone or tablet using podcasting apps like Apple Podcasts, PocketCasts, Audioboom’s podcast app, Acast and others.

See below for details.

On every episode page you’ll see some text that says [Download] or “Right-click here to download”. On a Mac or PC just right-click or control+click that link to download the episode. On a tablet or a smartphone just hold your finger on that text for a couple of seconds. It should give you the option to download the file.

If this doesn’t work on your tablet or smartphone, you’ll need to use an app to download & listen to episodes.

The podcast is on iTunes, so if you are a Mac user, you can find it using the Apple Podcasts app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Other (better) podcasting apps are available too.

unnamedIf you’re an Android user you can get the podcast from a few other apps available in the Play Store. I personally use PocketCasts. You have to pay a little bit of money for it, but it’s a really great app for listening to podcasts. I use it myself on my Samsung phone, and I really like it. (Update: I how have an iPhone and I still use PocketCasts)
Just download PocketCasts onto your phone (Android or iPhone). You can find it .
Install the app on your phone, then open the app and put this RSS address into the search-bar
You can then subscribe to LEP withPocketCasts and download everything to your phone, or stream episodes via your data connection or wifi!

Don’t use any more. They have cut off my service because my subscription ended. I stopped using Podomatic in September 2013. It’s dead to me now! Some podcasting apps or other websites might still be connected to but I’m not using this website any more. My new RSS feed is

You can download all the episodes from iTunes. Just go to LEP on the iTunes store and click ‘subscribe’ (you can use the iTunes button on the top-right of this page).

Luke’s English Podcast is made for your listening pleasure, so I hope you can download and enjoy Luke’s English Podcast wherever you are, whatever you’re doing!!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.



  • Ptholome
  • rafa

    Hi Luke. My name’s Rafael, and I’m from Cadiz, in the South of Spain. Your podcast is awesome. I listen to it every day a couple of hours, while having breakfast, doing the dishes, shaving, etc.. I find it quite more interesting than Spanish TV. shows. My listening is improving a lot. When you talk to Paul and Amber I have a great time even though I can’t understand everything you say.
    Aniway I’ve come out from the shadow., Luke. Regards

  • Juandrex

    I have become a huge fan of your podcasts in such a short time, Luke! They´re so addictive! Thanks for bringing the best of their kind to those of us who are english learners. I can´t think of anything that I would change about them!
    I´m Juan from Argentina.

  • Bich

    Hi Luke, do you correct essays for IELTS student? I really need my essays to be corrected by native-speaking English teacher

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your help. I think I could pass my oral English exam because listening to your podcasts, thanks from Spain

  • Anonymous

    All the episodes are shown in iTunes now! Yay!

  • Marco

    Hi Luke, I just discovered this podcast I have to say that it’s amazing, I subscribed immediately! HOWEVER, I always listen to podcasts on my iPhone and when I subscribed to yours, I couldn’t access the first 10 episodes or so. There is like a limit at 200 podcasts in the iPhone app, on iTunes and on the iTunes website as well, basically everywhere. I tried to google something to find a solution but apparently nobody has really raised this question before, so I don’t know what to do about it. I guess I could just listen to the first 10 or so episodes on my computer and then start to use the app, but I always listen to things during my commute to university, to fill my bus time (2 hours per day), and not at home! It’d be great if you could find a solution for this problem. Thank you heaps!

    Marco, from Brisbane, (ESL)

    • Hi Marco,
      Yes I’m aware of this issue and I’ve asked AudioBoom to fix it. They have a 200 item limit on their RSS feeds. Hopefully they will extend it for me.
      To get the early episodes on your phone, download them to your computer, then plug the iPhone into the computer and transfer the files using iTunes. That’s probably the best way.
      All the best, Luke

  • Anonymous

    Hello Luke,
    I can’t see the first 4 episodes in iTunes. The first one is 5. Joquin Phoenix.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’m investigating why this is happening and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

      • Anonymous

        Looks like the root cause is in the Audioboo side. The rss feed is missing the first few episodes. When you have added the new episode it has removed the fifth episode entry now. 215 is not a round number of entries so may be it’s looking at the size of all content and removing the older episodes from the list or something.

      • I’ve contacted Audioboo about this. They have an RSS feed limit of 200 items, and now my podcast has exceeded that. They’re now working on extending the limit.

      • This has been fixed now, and all the episodes are available in the RSS feed.

      • Roman

        Hi, Luke! The new rss issue happened starting from podcast 400! It looks like You exceeded 400 podcast limit and every time You add a new one, the oldest one removes itself from a rss queue. So today it starts from 23rd podcast.

      • That’s iTunes. They have a 400 episode limit. My RSS feed should have all the episodes on it though – check the RSS feed using another podcatcher, my audioboom channel or the episode archive where all the episodes are available