“Luke, how can I download episodes of Luke’s English Podcast”?

You can:

  • Download or stream directly from the website
  • Use podcasting software such as iTunes to stream or download
  • Download on your smartphone or tablet using podcasting apps like Apple Podcasts, PocketCasts, Audioboom’s podcast app, Acast and others.

See below for details.

On every episode page you’ll see some text that says [Download] or “Right-click here to download”. On a Mac or PC just right-click or control+click that link to download the episode. On a tablet or a smartphone just hold your finger on that text for a couple of seconds. It should give you the option to download the file.

If this doesn’t work on your tablet or smartphone, you’ll need to use an app to download & listen to episodes.

The podcast is on iTunes, so if you are a Mac user, you can find it using the Apple Podcasts app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Other (better) podcasting apps are available too.

unnamedIf you’re an Android user you can get the podcast from a few other apps available in the Play Store. I personally use PocketCasts. You have to pay a little bit of money for it, but it’s a really great app for listening to podcasts. I use it myself on my Samsung phone, and I really like it. (Update: I how have an iPhone and I still use PocketCasts)
Just download PocketCasts onto your phone (Android or iPhone). You can find it .
Install the app on your phone, then open the app and put this RSS address into the search-bar
You can then subscribe to LEP withPocketCasts and download everything to your phone, or stream episodes via your data connection or wifi!

Don’t use any more. They have cut off my service because my subscription ended. I stopped using Podomatic in September 2013. It’s dead to me now! Some podcasting apps or other websites might still be connected to but I’m not using this website any more. My new RSS feed is

You can download all the episodes from iTunes. Just go to LEP on the iTunes store and click ‘subscribe’ (you can use the iTunes button on the top-right of this page).

Luke’s English Podcast is made for your listening pleasure, so I hope you can download and enjoy Luke’s English Podcast wherever you are, whatever you’re doing!!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.



  • mile.

    hi i am from colombia and i am trying to learn english, i have a friend from italy and he talked me about your site, i want to get the app, please tell me how must to do?…and to download the podcasta too?…i was trying without results……thanks!.

    • Hi Mile,

      All the information you need is on this page (How to Download). There is no app for Luke’s English Podcast, but you can use other podcasting apps like PocketCasts or Podcasts (on Apple products). If you want to download individual episodes, and you’re using a desktop/laptop then just right-click over the ‘play’ button on embedded players, then save the file. You’ll download it to your computer.
      You can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. There’s an iTunes icon in the top-right corner of this page. Click that.
      Again, I suggest you read this page (How to Download) again because all the information is there.
      Best regards,

      • Hi Luke. there is an app called Podcast addict in android and its free to download. i have added your rss to it and its absolutely good. thanks for all your support.

  • chelyabinka

    Hi, Luke! I want to thank you for this site and all your work. It is very helpful and inspiring.
    I couldn’t download your podcast in Google Chrome. I right-clicked on play button, but there was only “save link” and no “save file”. I used Internet Explorer, and I managed to download by it. I thought you should know about this problem. Sorry for my English, I hope to make it better with your podcasts)
    Marina, Russia

  • ilva

    Hello Luke
    I’m new here. I find your lessons interesting and would like to listen those all step by step. One request. I would like to know what about will you talking about in the grammar topics before I listen it. For example, with lesson is about present perfect?

  • Edgar Hernández

    Hey Luke, say what? I can not download your phrasal verb podcasts from iTunes :( I don’t know exactly why it just says that the link I’m trying to open there on iTunes cannot be open. I’ve tried several times futilly. I’ll be pleased if you help me sort it out

  • Maryam

    I still have problems with iTunes , I normally listen to the podcast via my iPhone !!

    • Hi Maryam,

      What’s the problem you’re having exactly?

      Can’t you find the podcast on iTunes or the Podcasts app from your phone? It should be there.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Luke
    I´ve donwloaded almost all of your podcasts and I´ve been listening to them one by one. But suddenly there´s a voice from podomatic saying that I´ll have to donate if I want to “listen on”. This podcast from podomatic always gave me the impression to be a free podcast now Iit seems like I´m “forced” to donate if I want to listen to the already downloaded episodes. Is this the only way how I can listen to them? I mean, I´m really happy to donate because I really think your podcast is brilliant! But donations should be voluntary, no? And I´d rather give it to you directly than to podomatic to be honest. I look forward to your answer!

    • Hi Noemi,
      You don’t have to donate anything. My Podomatic account is now closed, and I now upload episodes to a new host. It’s still free and donations are still voluntary. Here’s the new host

  • Francesco

    Hi Luke, i can’t listen to your old podcast on I-podcast (for Iphones) anymore, but even your new platform…software (what is it??) doesn’t work very well.
    I’m used to listening to your episodes on my IPhone (not with a PC) but once downloaded, i’m not able to use them; even on line it’s quite difficult and it takes a lot of time…in one word, i can’t listen to your brilliant lessons at the moment.
    I hope it’s just a matter of time…

    …i think i haven’t been using it wrong…


    *Editor’s note from Luke: This problem is now fixed, and the podcast is available on iTunes and Apple Podcasts again.

    • ITunes are currently updating my podcast so soon you will be able to listen using I podcast again. It’s just taking a little while. Sorry for the disruption.

      As an alternative to iTunes or the Apple podcast app, try the PocketCast app (instructions above).

  • Vanessa García

    Hi Luke! I try to download the episode but as I click “Save as” or “Save link as” I only get the link downloaded, but not the file. What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you for your Podcasts, you are doing a great job, and it’s helping me a lot!!!
    Best regards from Spain

    • Hi Vanessa,

      Where exactly are you right-clicking?
      You have to visit the episode page for the episode you want to download e.g. this one:
      Then right-click the play button. It should work.

      • Vanessa García

        Hi Luke!

        Right click in the Play Button? OK… I was right-clicking everywhere but in the Play Button. Hehehe…
        Thank you for being soooo nice and approachable!!!

        Best regards from the Northwest of Spain… come and visit us!

  • wayan

    I’ve downloaded your podcast easily through opera mini in my mobile phone and subscribed with opera mini default rss reader :) but my wish is that the mp3’s size could be converted into minimal size. It’s quite big I think compare to the bbc podcast’ which smaller but still it remains good to listen.


    best regards from Indonesia

    • Hi Wayan,
      I’m glad you’ve subscribed and started downloading. With audioboo I have managed to keep my audio files smaller in size (data), but my episodes are a lot longer (time) than ones from BBC Learning English, so that’s why they take more time to download.

  • Anna

    Hi Luke! I tried to record my address to you yesterday, but I’m not sure it worked out. Did you you get it? (from Anna from Russia)