Hi, I’m Luke and I’m an English Language teacher, podcaster and comedian from London.

I’ve been teaching English for over 15 years. I started in Japan and lived in Kanagawa prefecture for two years. Then I moved back to London and taught English there for 9 years. Now I now live in Paris where I work, perform stand-up comedy and record episodes of the podcast.

I have taught courses in business English, academic English, legal English, general English and English for exam courses like FCE, IELTS and BEC. I’ve been doing Luke’s English Podcast for about seven years now.

I graduated from Liverpool John Moore’s University with a BA Hons degree in Media and Cultural Studies. I worked briefly at various media production companies in London before going into English language teaching. I took my CELTA in 2001 and then my Higher Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA) in 2006 at UCL. These days I teach English at the British Council and to students of law at a university in Paris. I perform stand-up comedy in the evenings and I record episodes of my podcast whenever I can!

I write a lot of ELT materials and have developed a lot of courses in business English and EAP including courses in English for the Pharmaceutical Industry, English for the Oil and Gas Industries and English for Journalists, and communication skills workshops for presentations, meetings and negotiations.

I started Luke’s English Podcast in 2009 and since then it has become enormously popular. I plan to continue writing EFL material and offer my own video courses online.

I am also a stand-up comedian, which means that I like to stand up in front of audiences of people, and make them laugh. This is both incredibly fun, and very nerve-wracking, and I love it. I also love playing drums, bass or guitar in bands. Seriously, I just love jamming in music, in comedy and on the podcast. Join me!

Check my other pages to find useful advice for learning English, and for how to use the podcast as a good way to improve your English in many areas.

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  • Christina Rebuffet

    Hi Luke, I’m just listening to your podcast about tips for learning English (from back in July apparently), and realized that we both live in France! I thought you were in London for some reason (must be the visual of the mug!) Anyway, I’m down in Grenoble, but next time I’m in Paris, maybe we could meet up and do a podcast together ;-) Thanks and talk to you soon!

  • Pravin Patel

    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for English Podcast, You are doing very hard to make that podcast that help to many english learners from world.

    I am interested for Luke WhatsApp group or Luke Skype group, so we can chat using technology.

    Just share the skype id details… so interested learner can start communication.

    Pravin Patel.

  • Isma

    Hello Luke
    I try to listen to your podcasts because they are really useful and interesting. I am keen on your podcasts where there are other people but I apreciate all of them. Thank you a lot.
    from Valladolid Spain ,

  • Diego Altamirano

    Hi Luke!!
    I’m writing from Asunción, Paraguay .. beam heard of Paraguay? do you know anything about it? haha, I honestly dont think so.. So I tell you something: I’m the ONLY ONE in this country who follow you! .. since about 2 years ago .. but well, now some friends who recommended your podcast are following you too .. I just write to say hello and tell your podcast served me a lot to improve my auditory language and obviously to learn more about UK .. Thank you, Adios!

  • Anastasia Pogorevich

    Hi, Luke! I started listening your podcast recently and found out it very useful! Inspite of your speech is too fast for my level I have been listening and trying to understand:))) You are absolutely nice, clever and gifted person! Wish you good luck and good students.

  • Gazarov

    Hello Luke! Thank you for your hardworking and humor. I use your podcasts for improve my listening and speaking skills in English language. To be honest, I prepare for IELTS exam and I consider your podcasts to be the most useful and interesting for me!

  • Anonymous

    i saw your picture. i listen to your podcast everyday. amazing voice.

  • And also I’m a big fan of British accent..I made some research on how to acquire this accent by looking up on the Internet for teachers but it’s pretty steep…

  • Hi Mr Luke…I found your website absolutely fantastic…The thing is I’ve been studying in London for a year and I haven’t been able to improve my English..People think being in London effects hugely on speaking skills..But I think it might be 20% true..It’s a multicultural city and less likely that smb can speak with a native speaker for an extended period of time..
    The question is Can you suggest some pieces of advice on how I can take the opportunity since you’re Londoner..It’s hard to make a native speaker friend…It seems that being in London and in my country doesn’t make any difference except for some occasional encounters with native speakers….It’s so frustrating…..Thank you…

  • Hello Luke!
    Have you watched a British sitcom called Mind Your Language? It is so funny and it’s about an institution teaching english as a second language! thought you might like it!

    • Yes, I have seen it! It’s a bit old fashioned now but it’s definitely fun. I’ve always thought it would be good to do an updated version.