20140131_151015I am a professional teacher, but I do Luke’s ENGLISH Podcast in my free time alongside a full time job. Sometimes the workload of preparing, recording, uploading, marketing episodes and managing the website is quite tough. I love doing it, but sometimes I need support from you my listeners.

You can help me in a few ways:

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  • Eri Taguchi

    Thank you Luke. I enjoy all episodes which you upload on a website and listen it every week days on my commuter time.
    It has been 1year and a half since I found your podcast, my English listening has got greater and greater. And also, italki lesson helps expressing my thought in English.
    I hope you will have a nice merry Christmas and great new year with your wife and Thompsons.

  • Stas Vatsenko

    Great Job! I listen to your podcasts every day. Thank you Luke! From Russia with love! :)

  • Catherine Bear

    Hi Luke, did my first small donation for you,
    Have a nice weekend!

    A grateful Cat aka Koala Ninja :)

    • Thank you!!!

    • Thank you Cat!

      • Catherine Bear

        Dear Luke, as you thanked me twice, I felt obliged to do the second small donation today. ;-)
        I love your podcast and wish I could donate more… :)
        THANK YOU!

  • Mario

    Message: Dear Luke,
    thanks to your podcasts I get the inspiration for my trainings.
    I prepared and complete 1 year training for Ironman 70.3!
    Now I’m training for a bike road race of 205km.
    I donate to you a little amount….just to thank you!
    Please now I need your “support”. I’ m waiting a your podcast regarding road bike race or something that can inspire all your sport follower…….and of course I want to be mentioned during your podcast.
    Mario Petruzzi
    From south of Italy!

    • Hi Mario, thanks for the donation! That’s very supportive of you.
      Good luck for the Ironman and that massive bike race.
      I’d love to do something about bike races, but I’m pretty busy at the moment.
      Have you heard the two episodes I did about my friend’s long distance cycling trips in Europe?
      They contain quite a lot of vocabulary and conversation about cycling.
      Check them out here
      Cheers Mario!

    • Catherine Bear

      Super Mario!!! ;-)

  • Aziz Abdullaev

    Great content. Let me get my first salary so I can donate =) Every good thing should be rewarded IMHO

  • Hi Luke
    I’ve been thinking if you could have a patreon or something like that on your web site? There so ,we could give you the same amount every month like I do to other podcast, for instance 3€ or so. Do you think it would be a good idea?

    • It would be a good idea, yes. I set up Patreon last year but I haven’t been using it. I’ll have another look.

  • Hello Luke, I have tried to donate, but it seems to me that I need to create a paypal account for that. I cannot see any other option to pay using credit cards or so…

    Ah, I’ve just noticed that I definitely need a paypal account to pay. I will do soon. But, now I will just write an iTunes review.

    “I have been listening to Luke’s English Podcast for the last 5 years and it is a great podcast for advanced learners of English. Luke is entertaining, NON-patronizing, and open to speak about any topic (even the Kardashians ). I hope you check it out and enjoy it.”


    • Thanks so much!

      • I’ve made it (after 5 years of thinking!)

        I’ve just donated 50 pounds GBP using paypal. I think you would see the name “bywassim” as the contributor. Thanks for your amazing podcast!

      • Oh my god, thank you so much!

  • Milad

    Hi Luke
    I just did a little donation , which I don’t think it’s considerable as much , but I just wanted to show that I’m truly thankful about your generous works that you’ve done so far.
    I’m a nurse and a senior developer at a big company (weird I know), I’m saying this because part of my job as a developer is to interact with websites , give them feedback and stuff .
    BUT this is the first time ever in my life that I write a feedback/comment ever , even in Facebook I don’t comment that much.
    That being said , just wanted to tell you that how useful your podcasts are and I’ve been listening all of different podcasts and English books but your ones are absolutely different and amazingly absorbing .
    I can’t believe yesterday I was even listening to your podcasts at gym , which means how exciting they are.

    Keep it up and going , you’re the best , I’ll donate more definitely.


    • Thank you so much Milad, I am also truly thankful for your donation, and for such encouraging feedback. Thank you or taking the time to write your comment, and to send me a contribution. I hope you enjoy new episodes which are coming soon!

  • Hi Luke. I’ve just sent you by PayPal a little donation. Congratulations for the Podcasts they are very useful, and entertaining. Whenever I have opportunity I encourage my friends and acquaintances to visit your blog. Keep doing them.

    • Dear Angels, thank you sooooo much for your donation. I just got an email confirmation from PayPal. I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me that you would go to the trouble of making sending me a contribution. Thanks for your generosity. I’m glad you enjoy the podcast!

  • Dear Luke, I am very appreciate for your podcasts and would like to make a donation. But it is quite difficult, cause PayPal don’t apply my credit card after several attempts. Have you got a Bitcoin-wallet? It is the fastest and easiest way to make a donation.

    • I don’t have one but I will check it out. Thanks for asking.