20140131_151015I am a professional teacher, but I do Luke’s ENGLISH Podcast in my free time alongside a full time job. Sometimes the workload of preparing, recording, uploading, marketing episodes and managing the website is quite tough. I love doing it, but sometimes I need support from you my listeners.

You can help me in a few ways:

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6. Download a free audiobook from Click here to download a book from Basically, Audible give me a small fee when someone downloads from and it’s genuinely free for you. Click here to read all the proper details of this offer.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Luke,

    I don’t know how, but over a two weeks ago I found your page on Patreon. As I’ve grown more attached to your project, I thought about to chip in paying on the website. But I don’t see the option here. Are you still using the page?

    Thanks for your work

    • I took the option away because I wasn’t using Patreon correctly (I haven’t learned about it enough) and therefore I didn’t want my listeners to use it. When I’ve understood it better I’ll probably bring it back. You still have the donation option if you want to contribute.

  • Jesse Young

    Luke,first of all I thank u for all your marvelous job…and I am from China,as you may know that we cannot use FB,Youtube,Twitter….so it’s get harder to download and learn from U. how disappointing !!!!

  • PavLukha

    Luke, thanks a lot to your labour of doin’ such a perfect work to let others enjoy and develop the real british english!

  • Sojung

    Hello I’m Sojung from South Korea
    I’m listening your podcast well :)
    Thanks for letting me listen your podcast. :)
    I like your podcast because you talk about various subjects.
    Especially, i liked Vampire subject. haha
    And i have some british friends
    I will plan to go UK on March maybe
    I hope i spend good time in UK :))
    Then bye, have a nice day ^^

  • Hi Luke
    I love when you do podcast like this
    You’re so funny and professional at the same time,
    Finally I get my pay so I’ve been able to give you a bit donation , I think that after a few months listenning your pods is the least I can do,
    Hope you can continue doing this and live from it
    Many thanks
    sorry for my mistakes


  • John Kirton

    I’m English and a keen language learner and I don’t know of any free resource comparable to LEP. Listening, particularly with the aid of texts, is absolutely fundamental to language acquisition.

    What I’d say to all Luke’s fans is to get on Facebook,Twitter, YouTube and spread the word to your friends. Don’t just ‘like’ him share his work , retweet his tweets and tell people just how much the podcasts are helping you with English. In that way we can build a community to help everyone here by transcribing more podcasts and encouraging and supporting each other. Let’s get his Facebook followers up to 10 000 by end February and get another 30 podcasts transcribed too!

    I’d suggest that Luke selects people for the title of Luke’s English Podcast Heroes based on their contributions to other LEPsters. It might be fun the country with the most heroes to do a special group YouTube/Google+ video with Luke for publication.

  • Hi Luke. Long time no see (kind of).
    Can you imagine:
    Delivery of a £3.00 LEP logo sticker to Russia costs £5.50.
    This is total madness. I hate cafepress.

    • Hi Natalia, I’m really sorry about those prices and I’m seriously considering closing the shop becsuse of that.

  • Martine

    Hi Luke, I’m a new listener from France (Marseille in the South East) I found out your podcasts totally by chance and since, I’m totally addict. It’s the first time I use all my web package in a month !! I’d never thought it was possible for me. I began with the first one in 2009 and you have become my fellow traveller on my way to work every morning. Thanks a lot for all what you did and still doing for English addict as me

  • Pavel

    Hello Luke! I’ve watched your interview with Gabby recently and found that there is a couple of tricks for you to earn a little money on the Internet. As far as I know you established two ways: ads on your website and donations and those are not so profitable. I think the problem is not that all leppers are greedy or something but thw whole process of donating could be difficult for someone to make. It is for me actually. There is an issue with our currency and other things like you need to register, put money in your account, make transfers and use credit cards, etc. It really can put people off. It would be a lot easier if we could give you money in our currency (roubles) in ways we use in Russia. There are things like WebMoney, YandexMoney, Qiwi and others. Also we tend to put money to other people’s mobile phone accounts using terminals that are everywhere. It will be so much easier to give you money and you’ve got a huge audience in Russia. One of the big benefits of your podcasts is that you don’t try to upsell us and it’s great. I suggest you do a separate YouTube channel or website with ads that we could pretend watching while listening to your podacasts. There a thing called surfing or clicking the links that can get you something. I think if you come up with something that is really easy for us to do, more people would be willing to help you.

  • Martin

    Hi Luke. I am your fan and listener for ages. As for your podcast, they are brilliant and whats more a pillar of our self-education. Became a part of our lives. The punchline of my contribution is, that there is one way only to survive and sustain your effort and podcast in general – to offer your work to IT experts to producing and launching your own application (on what you ll be partaking in and collaborating of course ) in appstore-iphones and google play-android devices.Price of app shouldnt be significant – circa 0.89€, and my idea is, that buch of 10 new episodes could be charged by another sum. For instance €2,89. Apparent advantage: NO pleading for donation that is for listeners from particular part of the world unavailable, regular (expectable) income for you, dough on further innovation your inventory and money for effort you must give into. We love you all of us here in Czech Republic.
    Sincerely yours.