Here are a few musical mixes for you to enjoy! Many of them were done before I ever started Luke’s English Podcast. Generally they’re a mix of good music, comedy and laid-back grooves.

Recently a listener called Alexey asked me to share the songs I have on my Walkman, so I made this mix. It’s a collection of tunes that are currently on my 16GB Sony MP3 Walkman. I just went through the Walkman and made a selection. So, this is the sort of thing I’ve been listening to recently while walking around, doing my thing. Click here for a list of all the music in this mix.

Luke’s Radio Show – This was done a couple of years ago and is my version of an old-fashioned radio show, with some of my favourite tunes.

Moto Mix #1 – This was done for a friend of mine in Japan and features mainly instrumental tracks with comedy improvisations done by my brother and me.

Ambient Mix 08 – This was done in summer 2008 on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Listen to this if you want to lie down and have a daydream or three. It’s a sleepy ambient journey with a few little surprises along the way.

The Classic Breaks Megamix – I did this back in 2001 when I was still living at my parents’ house in the Warwickshire countryside. They were away for the week, so I bought an 8-pack of Biere Speciale from Tescos, hooked up my Playstation to my minidisc recorder, used a pair of Aiwa headphones as a mic and laid down an instantly classic mix, while rapping some total nonsense for laughs. Please remember – it’s a mix of music and COMEDY, yes COMEDY (not to be taken seriously at all). Originally inspired by a Blue Note mix by DJ Lord Finesse

  • Anonymous

    How can i reach you ? İf you want to answer there are many question that i want to ask you.

  • Rafa

    Good stuff!! Thank you!!
    That´s what I call music man!!

  • dnemtin

    Hey! You’ve finally done that! Thank you Luke for uploading that stuff! Your musical taste is so smart and deep! That’s unbelievable pleasure just to click play and enjoy “Luke’s pirate radioshow, Arrrr”!!!