A New Episode is Now Available in the LEP App

Check out the new episode in the LEP App to learn some really useful prepositional phrases & have some common doubts answered, like “on time vs in time vs at the beginning vs in the beginning vs at the end vs in the end” & more.



Hello LEP listeners – you might be thinking – oh is this the new episode of the podcast? Well no, not exactly. There is a new episode available now, but it’s only available in the LEP App.


It’s a language-focused episode all about prepositional phrases, which are really useful chunks of language that you can add to your sentences to make your English sound really natural and to add more detail and nuance to the things you say.

The episode includes explanations and examples of various phrases that might go at the start or end of a sentence. Here’s a selection:

  • At a loose end
  • At a loss
  • In mint condition
  • At loggerheads
  • In the beginning
  • At the beginning
  • At first glance
  • On closer inspection
  • In person
  • In theory
  • In practice
  • In reality
  • On paper
  • In time
  • On time
  • Just in time
  • In the nick of time
  • On balance
  • On second thoughts
  • On the one hand and On the other hand
  • At the end
  • In the end

And more… with explanations of the differences in meaning and use, funny examples, and all that sort of thing…

That is now available only in the LEP app, where you’ll see all the notes, a transcript and vocab lists in the show notes.

Yes – I am trying to encourage you to become an app user, but it’s not an evil plan or anything – this is just the sort of thing I have to do to get you to use my app and I’m just working on delivering more content via that platform, and that includes LEP Premium episodes which should arrive soon.

I want to give you an idea of what LEP Premium episodes will be like. That’s why I’ve uploaded this episode exclusively in the app.

LEP Premium hasn’t arrived yet, but when it does it will be available in the app, or online. Yes – LEP premium episodes will be available on a computer via a webpage, but to listen on your mobile you’ll need the app.

So, get the LEP App, check out this new app-only episode about prepositional phrases and the library of other app-only episodes which are in there too
Remember to use the categories on the side menu of the app – that’s where you can see LEP Episodes, App only episodes, videos, phrasal verb episodes, music and jingles and so on. Become an app user and then you’ll be ready to sign up for LEP Premium when it arrives, before too long.

By the way, if you’re concerned that I’m going to stop uploading normal LEP episodes – don’t worry. Normal LEP episodes will continue to be uploaded across all platforms – perhaps slightly less frequently – but the free podcast will continue.

However, to get absolutely all of my output from now on you should get the app.

Search the app store for Android or iOS for Luke’s English Podcast app. Download it free and Bob’s your uncle.

By the way there are no ads in my app or anything like that. It’s not one of those apps that’s going to bombard you with advertising. It’s free, I want it to be genuinely useful like everything I do, it’s supposed to be your home for LEP on your mobile and that’s that. It’s already getting good reviews on the Android and iOS platforms, which is great. So, join in and get the app today.

So, to sum up:
There’s a new free app-only episode available now about prepositional phrases.
LEP Premium is coming soon to the app and online.
Normal LEP episodes will continue with a new one coming out later this week.

That’s it for this message. You can now head over to the app and listen to the full episode that I’ve just uploaded there. It’s in the app-only episodes category.

Bye bye bye!



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