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Transcript for #1

Hello, This is Luke from Luke’s English Podcast and this year I’m going to teach you a phrasal verb every day.

And today’s phrasal verb is “to ask out” – “to ask someone out”.

So, “to ask someone out” means to invite someone to go with you to the cinema, to a restaurant, etc. because you want to start a romantic or sexual relationship with them.

For example: – He finally asked her out”. Or

– “Do you know John asked Jane out last night?”
– “Really? What did she say?”
– “Well, she said “Yes” of course!”

“To ask someone out” – you might say, something like:
– “Do you fancy going to the cinema with me tomorrow?

Okay, That’s it! There’ll be another one of these tomorrow.
Cheers! Bye, bye, by

  • Jeffrey.L

    Just discover this useful English Learning Website.
    Luke, I donated (few quids ) I hope you can keep up making these useful English learning material.

  • Michel

    Hi Luke !
    Thanks a lot for helping those who are desesperatly learning phrasal verbs .
    That’ s fine . Never stop, please :-)
    Practice makes perfect !
    All the best .


    Hi, My name is Tapas (as in the name of a Spanish food), I live in India (Kolkata), I like Luke’s English podcast so much. In India many people spend thousands of hours thinking and trying how they can learn to speak English . I think this is the best website to learn English. I have learned English from your website and still learning. Now I am working in an Indian call center in British Telecom process. If you need to phone BT someday, may be I will answer your phone call. Thank you Luke.