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= when an authority deals with something (like crime) in a stricter way.
“the government has promised to crack down on benefit fraud ”
” The police are cracking down on violent crime”
What is the government cracking down on in your country? #10

Transcript for #10

This is Luke from Luke’s English Podcast. This year I’m teaching you a phrasal verb every day. Today’s phrasal verb is TO CRACK DOWN or TO CRACK DOWN ON something.

This means, when, let’s say, usually an authority like the government or the police or maybe all the teachers in a school decide to deal with something in a very strict way.

for example:

if it’s the police, let’s say, in the city, violent crime is rising so, the police decide that they’re going to work much harder and become a lot stricter on violent criminals and do a lot more investigations, put more police on the streets, and basically, work much harder and aome down hard on these criminals, so:

– “They’re CRACKING DOWN ON violent crime”.

TO CRACK DOWN ON something.

Often we say TO CRACK DOWN ON crime. It could be in the context of a school, for example, it could be:

– “The school is CRACKING DOWN ON cheating” or
– “The school is CRACKING DOWN ON smoking”, for example.

There’s a noun that we associate with this as well.

That’s – a “CRACKDOWN”.

for example:

– “The government CRACKED DOWN ON illegal immigrants”, let’s say.
– “The government is launching a CRACKDOWN on crack use”
– “The police have decided TO CRACK DOWN ON drugs”.

There you go.

That’s the end of this short explanation.

There will be another one of these tomorrow.

But, for now, it’s goodbye

bye bye bye