#102 – TO OPT FOR

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= to choose
opt + for + noun
“North Korea may opt for long range missiles in response to what it believes to be increasing provocation from South Korean military exercises”

Hello everyone, you’re listening to “A phrasal verb a day”, my name’s Luke Thompson, this is phrasal verb number 102 and this phrase is to opt for, opt for something, to opt for something, opt for. Not the most commonly used phrase by non-native speakers in my opinion, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you didn’t know this one, but it is a commonly used phrase by native speakers of English, so to opt for something basically means to choose something, so you might opt for, em, let’s see, if you had to choose between, you know, tea or coffee, you might opt for coffee in the morning but you would opt for tea in the afternoon. I guess it’s not really used for personal things like that in your everyday life, it tends to be used in slightly more formal situations, if we have a quick look at the news, if you google “opt for” in speech marks, and then check the news results in Google, then you get, you know, lots of examples, em, here we have, let’s see, Chicago schools opt for paper and pencil over online tests, apparently schools in Chicago for some reason opted for paper and pencil instead of doing their tests online. To opt for paper and pencil. So you could say Chicago schools have chosen paper and pencil or Chicago schools have opted for paper and pencil. Let’s see what else, North Korea may opt for long range missiles, North Korea may opt for long range missiles, and if we have a quick look at the story from the Korea Times, this is an English story on, em, from the Korea times, North Korea may opt for long range missiles, this is clearly a story about how North Korea might choose to start using long range missiles or maybe some kind of long range missile defence system, ok, do you, do you get the idea? Do you get the idea? I hope you do, to opt for something, opt, opted, opted, now there are other phrases that involve the word opt, like for example you can opt in and opt out and that’s what we’ll be looking at in the next example ok? So, in this case, opt for just mean to choose, not too complicated, really. Pretty straightforward stuff, em, opt for, there you go, I suggest that you now move straight on to number 103 and then 104 in order to get the other two. Ok, that’s it for this one then, speak to you soon.