#103 – TO OPT IN

Small Donate Button= to choose to be involved in something
“We’re setting up a new space project which involves a trip to Mars. If you have #2,000,000,000 you can opt in, if you want”.
Also: Opt into
“By opting into this program, you agree never to return to earth again”

Hello everyone, you’re listening to “A phrasal verb a day”, a phraaaasal verb, I don’t know why I said it like that but I did, welcome to “A phrasal verb a day”, my name’s Luke Thompson, and you’re listening to phrasal verb number 103, in the last one I did opt for and it just occurred to me that you can also say opt and then a verb in the infinitive form, so opt to live, you know, more and more people are opting to live outside the city or more and more people are opting to live in the countryside, more and more people are opting to move out of London because it’s cheaper, so you can say opt to do something or opt for and then a noun, so I gave you opt for in the last one, and in this one we’re going to look opt in and then in number 104 we’re going to look at opt out.

So let’s stick with opt in, that’s just means that you choose to be involved in something, you choose to be in, for example, em, when, when, asked whether they wanted to be in or out of the United Kingdom, the Scottish people opted in, ok? You can also say opted into, the Scottish people opted into the United Kingdom, all right, another example would be, members have been given the choice to opt in or not, the British government was reluctant to opt into the European Union, that’s a common way in which it’s used, you know, you might say that the school decided to opt into the national curricular system, maybe they decided to, chose to be part of it, to choose to be involved in it.

Let me do a quick Google search, and I’ll see what we find, opt in, Google news search, the Clash of Clans, you know that game that you might have on your tablet or your mobile device, your smart phone, that is, I think the most popular game at the moment is called Clash of Clans and is a story from international business times and it says Clash of Clans, February update, players can opt in or out of clan wars, all right, now if you know about Clash of Clans that might, that might make sense to you, heres’s a story from The Independent, which is a British newspaper from earlier this month and it’s about the Conservative Party’s decision to, em, ok, this is going to be difficult for you to understand, but let me read the headline, Tories to consider making pensioners opt in on winter fuel allowance, pensioners would have to actively opt into the, would have to actively opt in to receive the winter fuel allowance under a plan to be considered by The Conservatives, ok, it sounds like the Conservative Party, are considering making a policy which says that if old people, if pensioners, want to get some financial help to pay for their heating costs in the winter, they will actually have to go through some process in order to opt in to the allowance, so they won’t just automatically get it, they will have to go out of their way in order to opt in on the allowance, ok? Opt in on, that’s interesting, to opt in on the allowance, to opt in on the, em em, the system, ok, there you go, em, so yeah that’s enough I think, that’s enough for this one,

Let me ask you a question, if you are given the choice to, if there was a, if someone from NASA came to your house and knocked on the door, knock knock knock knock knock, and you opened the door and they said hello, I’m from NASA and I’ve got an offer for you, we’re getting together a special team of people, we have twenty places on a spaceship which is going to go to Mars and we’re going to set up a human colony on Mars and we want to know if you’d like to opt in or not, and you go, em, Mars, all right, yeah, I think I’ll opt in on that and you opts in on it and there will be a head line says, you know, a phrasal verb a day listener opts in on Mars exploration, adventure and the next thing you know you’re a superstar because you’ve chosen to go to Mars, strange example, I know that it’s a strange example, but I’m just trying to present the language to you, to opt in or to opt in on something, ok, all right,

I’m now going to do the next one, 104, which will be to opt out an I think you’ve got an idea of what that one means, ok, if you’re clever then you can probably guess, but anyway I recommend you move straight on and listen to 104 now, in order to just round things off by getting the third phrase in this little group of phrases with the word opt.

Ok, how are you doing? You’re all right? You’re keeping up with these phrasal verbs? Yeah, don’t forget to try and practise using them, don’t forget to try using them in different sentences, in the past, in the future, in passive structures and things like that, play around with these verbs, these phrasal verbs, that’s the best way to try and acquire them, you need to use them a few times, until you’re comfortable, research them, just do a little Google searches with the phrasal verb in inverted commas, opt in or opt out, you can do a Google search with the phrase in the past tense, “opted in”, in inverted commas and see what you get , don’t just do a standard Google search, I suggest you do a Google news search because that will give you some news stories that involve that expression. Ok, that’s it for this one, speak to you again soon I expect, for now goodbye.