#118 – TO PERK UP

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1. to become more lively, happy and energetic

2. something perks something/someone up = it makes it more lively or exciting.

Hello, welcome back to ‘A Phrasal Verb a Day’. My name is Luke Thompson and here is another phrasal verb for you. This one is to PERK UP – PERK UP or PERK UP. PERK is spelt P-E-R-K. Don’t worry about what perk means. Let’s just stick with PERK UP, okay.
And if someone PERKS UP it means that they suddenly get a little bit more lively and energetic and happier. Okay, they get more energetic, more lively and more happy suddenly. Okay.

Why would someone PERK UP? It could be because they’ve been given good news. So, you know. “She PERKED UP after she had heard the news” for example.

(It) could be if you’re feeling depressed or low energy and then something happens and suddenly you become happier and more lively and more energetic. Could be (be)cause you drank some coffee, you know. For example often in the morning I wake up, it’s really difficult to get out of bed and it’s difficult to start the day and I have to have a shower and change my clothes and make my breakfast and stuff. But usually I PERK UP just after I’ve had a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee in the morning really PERKS me UP.

Okay, so when you just become livelier, happier and more energetic. Okay, also you can say that something PERKS something UP. And this could be that it just makes it more exciting or interesting, okay. For example “The game was really boring, nothing was happening. But when they put Messi on at halftime he really PERKED UP the game” for example. Or if you’re cooking you might say “ Put a bit of chilli in there, it might PERK it UP a bit.”

Okay, all right, so let’s see. You might hear – Imagine in a classroom or something and you’re teaching. Let’s say you’re teaching and half the class – one of the students is like really sort of sleepy. Maybe it’s the morning and he is a bit sleepy but by the end of the classroom he’s woken up. And for the first half he’s not really responding or answering your questions and then in the second he’s, like, putting his hand up and he’s got lots of responses and you might say “You’ve PERKED UP a bit, haven’t you?”

You know, that sort of thing. All right, that is the end of this short episode. I’ll speak to you again in another one soon. But for now it’s just time to say goodbye!