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Hello, you’re listening to ‘A Phrasal Verb a Day’. Here’s another phrasal verb for you and this one is ‘to pipe down’, ‘pipe down’. ‘Pipe’ like the, sort of, metal tubes that you get under the sink in your kitchen or your bathroom, you know, pipes. They carry water or they carry gas, alright? Those are pipes. But the expression ‘pipe down’ has got really no connection to pipes at all. So, it’s an idiomatic phrasal verb and ‘to pipe down’ just means to be quiet or stop talking or make less noise. And it’s often used in the imperative form so you might say something like:

– Just pipe down, would you? Pipe down, would you?

meaning just, you know, be quiet or keep the noise down.

– Pipe down in there. Could you two stop making so much noise? Can you pipe down a little bit. I’m trying concentrate in here.

So, that’s it really. That’s all. Just ‘pipe down’. It’s just informal way of telling someone to be quiet or to make less noise.

– Pipe down a little bit, would you?

I just had a quick search on Google News for the expression ‘pipe down’ and this is the story which I found today and this is a story about Adele, you know, the singer, Adele. Of course you do. She’s famous all over the world. She’s a British singer. She was famous for doing the song for the James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ a couple of years ago. Adele is a huge star all around the world and she has some very, very passionate fans who defend everything she does. And the headline of this article about Adele in The Telegraph magazine, this is The Telegraph’s Lifestyle section, and the headline of this article about Adele is this: ‘Adele’s Spotify boycott isn’t selfish. It’s savvy and her fans need to pipe down’ Right. Actually, there’s lots of language in there. Basically what’s happened is that Adele has decided to boycott Spotify. So, that means she’s decided to stop letting Spotify use her music. So, she’s decided to like reject Spotify or stop using Spotify as some sort of protest against the way that the service allows people to listen to her music free. I imagine her fans are making lots of noise about how it’s unfair that she is boycotting Spotify. I imagine that what it is. I’m just reading the article. OK, we love and respect Adele as do her 24 million fans on Spotify. We hope that she will give those fans the opportunity to enjoy ‘25’, that’s her new album, on Spotify alongside ‘19’ and ‘21’ soon. So, OK. I guess that her fans are kind of complaining rather passionately that they won’t be able to listen to Adele’s music on Spotify. And so, The Telegraph is saying ’Well, actually her decision to stop using Spotify, to boycott Spotify, isn’t selfish. It’s, in fact, savvy’ meaning it’s a very well made decision and her fans need to pipe down, so her fans need to be quiet. I do not know the reasons why this is such a good decision. Maybe they think that this is going to make Adele more powerful. Maybe it means that it’s going to give her more control over her music which ultimately is better for her, which automatically is better for her fans. Whatever the situation is The Telegraph thinks that Adele’s fans need to pipe down a little bit, stop complaining.

Okay, that’s the end of this episode. There will be another one coming soon but for now, goodbye.