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= to leave in a hurry (synonyms are ‘to shoot off’ or to ‘rush off’)
E.g. “Sorry, I can’t hang around, I’ve got to dash off”
“I’d love to hang around but I’ve got to dash off to the bank”

Hello, everybody.

This is Luke from Luke’s English Podcast.

This year I’m teaching you a phrasal verb every day and today’s phrasal verb is TO DASH OFF.



…and TO DASH OFF means to leave in a hurry. When you have to leave quickly.



for example, you might say:

– “I’d love to hang around and have a chat, but I’m sorry, I have to DASH OFF”


– “I can’t hang around, I’ve got to DASH OFF. I see ya later.”


– “I’m sorry, the bank is going to be closed in a minute. I’m sorry, I’m going to DASH OFF”.

Alright? Yeah.

– “I was talking to James, but I didn’t really speak to him very much, because he had to DASH OFF. Yeah. So I talked to him a little bit, but then he just DASHED OFF, but he said I’d see him tomorrow”.

Okay? That’s it.

I genuinely have to DASH OFF now. I’ve got to go to supermarket before it closes.

That’s it for this one.

I’ll talk to you again tomorrow.

For now, though it’s bye-bye-bye!

  • Alier

    My friend invited me for his birthday last week and it jump out of my brain, I have to dash off. See you tomorrow.

  • Denis Paraschuk

    We have to interrupt this meeting, because I’ve got important information a couple of minutes ago. So, I’m sorry, but I need to dash off. See you tomorrow.

    • “I got” not “I’ve got” because of “a couple of minutes ago”.

      • Denis Paraschuk

        Hey Luke,

        Yep, I see.

        Thanks a lot,

      • Exactly.

  • Steve

    You mean tomorrow was still yet to come even at the time you used reported speech? my bad. I wish the english grammar was my fortė. Thank you!!!

  • Steve

    I hope you won’t think of me as patronising, but shouldn’t it be “he said i’d see him the following day”. Thank you, everything else is flawless.

    • Not if I’m talking about the day after this one, I mean tomorrow at the time of speaking.

  • raulito

    Sorry teacher Luke for my short sentence but I’ve got to dash off,the rubbish lorry is coming so I have to take the rubbish out XD

  • Anonymous

    I remember that in one of your episodes, you said ‘dash off’, but in that sentence I thought that means write something quickly.Does it have two meanings?