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Hello there! This is Luke Thompson and you’re listening to a Phrasal verb a day. It’s been absolutely ages since I did one of these and that’s becoming something of a catch phrase, which is a bad habit to get into. It is, isn’t it? It’s becoming a catchphrase like, almost every episode of this I do these days starts with me saying: “It’s been ages since I did last one of these.” So anyway I need to get back into the rhythm,  I need to get back into the habit of doing these phrasal verb episodes. So that I can eventually produce a year’s worth of content.

Anyway, let’s get straight to the point like we like to do here, on A Phrasal Verb a Day and the phrase I’m going to teach you today is the expression “Plod along”. To plod along. All right, that might be a difficult one for you. So, plod, P L O D. And then along, so A L O N G. Plod along. Also you can plod on, plod on.

So “plod along” – this has got two meanings. The first is a literal meaning. It means to walk slowly with very heavy steps, literally it’s a way of walking, when you walk slowly with very heavy steps, like maybe if you are very tired. It’s sort of, it could be if you are very tired, maybe you’ve walked a very long distance or may be you are feeling despondent and you plod along with very heavy steps. OK? So, I don’t know, maybe a person is feeling sad and they might plod along if they are feeling unhappy. You know someone is walking slowly if they are feeling unhappy. So let’s say there is a group of us and we’re walking back from the pub and Jeff was plodding along behind us, for example. And someone turned around: “Jeff, come on, catch up! What’s the matter?” Jeff obviously is desperately sad, probably because of some biscuit related problem. OK? You can imagine the details, you can leave it in a comment section of this episode. Why is Jeff plodding alone behind everyone while we walked back from the pub? There must be some biscuit related reasons or something.

That’s the first one it’s just the way of walking in slow heavy steps

The second one though means to make progress at a slow yet steady rate, which is quite appropriate for this podcast really. So this second one, meaning just to make progress, doesn’t just apply to walking. It could apply to lots of other things too. Like, for example progressing in your work. OK, so, you know, I don’t want to just plod along in some boring job, I want to have an exciting and dynamic job. I want to make lots of progress, I don’t want to just plod along day by day in the same dull dead-end job. OK? So to an extent I’ve been plodding along with a phrasal verb a day recently just uploading episodes not very regularly, not doing  it in a very fast manner, I haven’t been making much progress, I’ve just been plodding along. OK? So what about you? How are you going with your career? Are you just plodding along, not really making much progress? Or are you working really hard and having a very dynamic exciting time in your job? Leave your comment under the episode.

That’s it for this one. And I’m really have to stop plodding along in the production of this episode, I need to sort of get back into it. Don’t I? Yes, I do.

OK then, that’s it. Speak to you again soon. Buy!