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= to fall asleep for a short time, especially when you’re not in bed and you don’t intend to.
“I was on the bus and I felt so sleepy that I just dozed off for a few minutes”
“I often catch Jose dozing off at the back of the classroom”

Transcript for #14
Hello everyone.

This is Luke from Luke’s English Podcast. This year I’m teaching you a phrasal verb every day.

Today’s phrasal verb is TO DOZE OFF


That’s “D”, “O”, “Z”, “E”, “O”, double “F”

…and it’s quite appropriate, because it’s a bit late. I’m about to go to bed. I’m feeling a bit, feeling a bit tired, actually.

Because TO DOZE OFF means – to go to sleep for a short time. Especially, when you’re not in bed. For example, if you’re just sitting on a bus and you start to feel a bit tired. You might, just, sort of, for a few minutes, just DOZE OFF. Right? Your head starts nodding (lolling), you close your eyes and you just kind of go to sleep for a couple of minutes, and then, you wake up and go

– “Oh, I just DOZED OFF for a second”.

– “I’m really tired, I’m going to bed. I keep DOZING OFF.”

– “I think, it’s time to go to bed, because I keep DOZING OFF.”

– “I just DOZED OFF then.”


– “I think, I’m just going to DOZE OFF on a sofa for a few minutes, just have a nap.”

Okay? That’s the end of this episode. I’m going to bed now.

By the way, you can read transcripts for these “phrasal verb” episodes by visiting the wonderful website which is of course teacherluke.wordpress.com

That’s teacherluke.wordpress.com

Go there, find the button that says “Phrasal Verbs” and you find a drop down list with all the phrasal verbs listed there and go to each one, you’ll see a transcript. So you can read every single word that I’m saying. So that you absolutely, definitely, completely, 100% understand all of it.

Okay? Right!

There will be another one of these tomorrow.

Bye bye bye.