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1. To take someone somewhere by car. “could you drop me off at the station, do you think?”
2. To deliver something. “Jeff dropped this letter off for you”
3. To become weaker, smaller or lower in value or level. “his concentration drops off after lunch”
4. To doze off. “I missed that. I dropped off to sleep for a moment”
5. When something is attached and then falls off. “the wing mirror just dropped off my car!”

Transcript for #15

This is Luke from Luke’s English Podcast. This year I’m teaching you a phrasal verb every day.

Today’s phrasal verb is TO DROP OFF



This has got about five meanings. One of these means to take somebody somewhere in a car – to take someone somewhere in a car. For example, your friend has come round to visit you, and you’ve had a few cups of tea, and your friend has to go home. He’s going to go to the station to get a train home, and he says to you:

– “Could you DROP me OFF at the station?”

meaning – “could you take me to the station by car?”

– “Could you DROP me OFF at the station?” or

– “Could you DROP the kids OFF at school tomorrow? Do you think?”

– “Could you DROP the kids OFF at school tomorrow? Do you think?”

TO DROP someone OFF

– “Could you DROP me OFF at the station?”

– “Could you DROP the kids off at the station?”

[SPK1] – “How did you get here?”
[SPK2] – “Oh, Jeff just DROPPED me OFF in his car”

So, alright, to take someone somewhere in a car.

Another one is – to take something to a place, like deliver it and not stay there very long.

For example:

– “I’ve just DROPPED it OFF at Jeff’s house”

– “Jeff came by and he just DROPPED it OFF for you. It’s a letter”

Okay? TO DROP something OFF.

Another one is to become weaker or smaller.

For example:

– “You know, my energy level tends to DROP OFF after lunch. I find it hard to concentrate after lunch, you know, and sometimes I just, sort of DOZE OFF for a moment in front of a computer”

Another one actually is DROP OFF sometimes means DOZE OFF.

[SPK1] – “Did you just DROP OFF for a second?”
[SPK2] – “Yeah, I did. I’m really sleepy” for example.

…and finally, number five TO DROP OFF means when something used to be fixed to something else – falls off and hits the floor. For example, if you’ve got a very old car, the wing mirror might DROP OFF. You know, if it’s like a really really old car, like, I don’t know, like Mister Bean’s car, for example, it’s so old, he’s driving along and the wing mirror just DROPS OFF, for example.

Okay. That’s it.

There will be another one of these tomorrow.

So, for now, it’s bye bye bye

  • Denis Paraschuk

    My friend dropped me off at the swimming pool.
    “Aliexpress” dropped trinkets off for my wife.
    My concentration dropped off after glass of “Cavanagh”. So, I’m going to drop off a little bit.
    Reflector just dropped off by bicycle.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Luc

    you know what ! some people say a hero is someone who fights evil, others say someone who takes risks for others. I say a hero is also someone who helps other to get a better life and that’s what you’re doing by helping people to improve their english. the world is getting smaller and smaller and as you know, english is one of the first languages we need to communicate with people from all over the world. you’re a hero !!!
    Besides, I think that it’s impossible to thank you.
    I simply say great job!!! hopefully to meet you one day.

    take care, bisou, bisou


  • Hi Badou, you can now download episodes using the buttons below each player. :D

  • Anonymous

    I forget to leave you my e-mail adress


  • Anonymous

    Hello Luc, i live in Toronto Canada nearly one year in order to improve my english and you can imagine how much your podcast help me. It’s fantastic!!!
    i thanks you a lot and you know what i love you so much because you must obiously a wonderful guy.
    My first language is french because i grew up in France, (Lyon and Paris)
    So the new idea with phrasal verbs is fabulous! your are a gift for the english learners across the world.
    I always learn by listening but with your daily phrasal verbs, we can download it, if it’s possible, please make it. it could be more helpul and more useful.

    Thank you so much, Take care and never forget you are a gift for us from god. Love so muche!!!

    Best regards