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Something dumbs down
To dumb something down
the dumbing down of something
= to make something simpler easier, or more appealing to a wide audience which reduces it’s quality and makes it more stupid.
“TV is dumbing down more and more these days with all these reality shows”
“TV really dumbed down after the introduction of digital broadcasting”
“Commercials cause the dumbing down of TV”

Transcript for #16

This is Luke from Luke’s English Podcast. This year I’m teaching you a phrasal verb every day. I hope I can keep this up. Now, today’s phrasal verb is TO DUMB DOWN.


That’s spelt “D”-“U”-“M”-“B” DOWN

Be careful, there’s a silent “B” in there.


Now, if something DUMBS DOWN or if you DUMB something DOWN. It means that you make it more, you make it simpler, easier to understand, but as a result that makes it, kind of, stupid, and it reduces the quality of it.


A lot of people say that TV is DUMBING DOWN – right? Meaning that, general quality of Television programs has reduced and it’s just TV shows these days tend to appeal to a very broad audience. They’re not very distinctive. They’re just sort of appealing to everybody, and as a result the quality of those TV programs is reducing and generally the standard of TV is just DUMBING DOWN.


So, people talk about that, it’s also a noun “DUMBING DOWN” – The DUMBING DOWN of TV.


Yeah, for example, since loads of new TV channels were introduced when digital came in a few years ago. There were loads of TV channels available. They all had to try to appeal to a large audience and as a result they started to produce shows that were pretty stupid really, not very challenging, not particularly distinctive, you know – reality, loads of reality shows and “Big Brother” and that kind of thing.

So people complained that TV was DUMBING DOWN. They talked about DUMBING DOWN of TV.

What do you…, in f…, it’s not just TV can refer to all culture. People say that culture is generally DUMBING DOWN.

What do you thing? Is TV DUMBING DOWN? Is that the same in your country?

That’s it for this episode.

There will be another one of these – tomorrow!

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Apparently, television is bad for your eyes.