#19 – TO EGG ON

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=to encourage someone to do something that they shouldn’t do
“I didn’t mean to do it, the others kept egging me on!“

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

This is Luke from Luke’s English Podcast. As you well know, because I’ve said it to you about eighteen times already, I’m teaching you a phrasal verb every day of the year.

That’s about a million of phrasal verbs, I think.

Today’s phrasal verb is TO EGG someone ON.

TO EGG someone ON – “egg”. That’s right – egg, like the thing that comes out of a chicken – an egg.

TO EGG someone ON. That means to encourage someone to do something that they really shouldn’t do.


For example,

if you can imagine some kids. They’re, kind of, playing in the street and they’re doing sort of naughty things. They’re getting up things that they shouldn’t be doing.
One of the kinds might be saying to the another one:

– “Hey, I dare you to throw this conker at Mr Needham’s window, go on! Go on. Do that. Go on”

and you like:

– “I don’t want to. I don’t want to”

– “Go on, if you don’t do it. You’re a chicken!”

and then, you throw this conker and it smashes the window, and then, you get into trouble, and afterwards you have to explain yourself:

– “I’m sorry, I didn’t, I didn’t want to do it. It’s just the other kids kept EGGING me ON. They EGGED me ON.’

and then, parents would say:

– “Well, I…”

you know, they talk to the other kid’s parents, and say

– “Apparently, little Jonny was EGGING him ON. What would you say about that?”


TO EGG someone ON.


That’s it. Speak to you tomorrow.

Bye bye bye bye.

  • Denis Paraschuk

    Please, stop egging me on! I’m not going to do it.

  • María José

    You shouldn´t pay attention if others children egg you on, tell them to do it themselves if they are that brave

  • raulito

    When I was a student at school I egged my classmates on to put a cockroach in the teacher’s notebook XD

  • *One of the ki_n_ds might be saying to the another one:
    “I sorry” – is it a mistake (instead of “I’m sorry”)?

    • Thanks for pointing this out. It was a typo. I’ve corrected it.

  • Anonymous

    Your Majesty,I just couldn’t enter the No.18 phrasal verb, the ‘eke out’ one, what happened?

  • Anonymous

    During crisis time, many companies cut down their expenses just in order to eke out money :)

    Our chicken tennis player won the game thanks to all the supporters who kept egging him on :)