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= when a plan, arrangement or deal fails to happen because something goes wrong or it gets cancelled

Hello everybody.

This is Luke from Luke’s English Podcast.

This year I’m teaching you a phrasal verb every day, and today’s phrasal verb is TO FALL THROUGH



Now, if something FALLS THROUGH, it’s usually like a plan or deal or arrangement… If something FALLS THROUGH it basically fails to happen. Like something goes wrong with a plan, and so it doesn’t happen.


So, it could be something like this:

[SPK1] – “Hey, how did that… how did that date go last week?”
[SPK2] – “Oh, yeah. It FELL THROUGH. Yeah. She cancelled”
[SPK1] – “Oh, that’s a pity”

“How did that date go? – it FELL THROUGH”. The date FELL THROUGH.

Now, you don’t say: “she FELL IT THROUGH” – no! Just, the thing, the plan FELL THROUGH. It doesn’t have an object.

Alright? It FELL THROUGH. So, let’s have another example of that. You might hear something like this:

[SPK1] – “Hey? How is it going?”
[SPK2] – “Oh, you know. Not bad. It could be worse. You?”
[SPK1] – “I’m fine. Thanks.”
[SPK2] – “Hey, you were buying a house last time I saw you. How is that going? Are you close to completing? Have you moved in yet?”
[SPK1] – “Nah, nah. It FELL THROUGH. I didn’t get a mortgage. They sold it to someone else.”
[SPK2] – “Oh, oh. Sorry to hear that.”

[SPK1] – “Hey, did you… Did you get the job you were going for?”
[SPK2] – “Nah, nah. It FELL THROUGH. They filled the position. So, I’m looking for something still.”
[SPK1] – “Oh right. Okay. Well, if I hear about something then I’ll let you know.”
[SPK2] – “Thanks.”

[SPK1] – “Oh, hey! Last time we met, you were getting married. So, when’s the big day?”
[SPK2] – “Well, that, that’s not happening. Nah. Nah. The engagement FELL THROUGH. Yeah. She left me. She left me, yeah. She moved in with her gym instructor.”
[SPK1] – “Oh. God. Her gym instructor? Oh, god. I’m really sorry to hear about that.”
[SPK2] – “Yeah. Well, never mind. Maybe I’ll meet someone at this party tonight? I’m feeling pretty lucky.”
[SPK1] – “Oh, yeah. The party… Yeah, that FELL THROUGH to be honest. It got called off”
[SPK2] – “Alright. Well. Never mind. I guess, I guess I’ll just go home then”
[SPK1] – “Alright. See you… Hey-hey-hey! I’m just kidding. The party is still on. Come on! Let’s go. There will be loads of really nice girls [fit birds] there. Jane’s friends are all really cute. You’re bound to hit it off with someone.”
[SPK2] – “Okay! Come on then!”
[SPK1] – “Let’s go.”

There you go. TO FALL THROUGH.

That’s it. There will be another one of these tomorrow.

For now, it’s goodbye-bye-bye-bye