#24 – TO FESS UP

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= to confess, to own up, to admit that you did something wrong.
“come on, fess up, who ate the last biscuit? I’m not leaving this room until someone fesses up to eating that biscuit ”
Hello everybody.

This is Luke from Luke’s English Podcast. This year I’m teaching you tons of phrasal verb. Just loads of them.

What are you gonna do with them all? You might be thinking:

– “What am I gonna do with all of these phrasal verbs?”

I know what you’re gonna do with them. You’re gonna learn them and use them, and then just take over the world, in a good way.

What’s today’s phrasal verb? Well, it’s TO FESS UP.


FESS – that’s “F”-“E” double “S” UP.


…which is quite an informal expression. It basically means to confess something, to own up to something, to admit that something is true or that you’ve done something wrong.

So, it’s – to confess, to admit that you’ve done something wrong.


So, it might be something like:

[In an office]

– “Okay, who took the last biscuit?

Come on someone, FESS UP!

Who was it? Who ate the last biscuit?

I’m not gonna leave this room until someone FESSES UP to take the last biscuit.

Come on. Who’s gonna own up?

Was it you Jeff?

Was it you?

Look at me, Jeff!

Come on, FESS UP now.

Was it you? It wasn’t you?

Sorry, I just thought it would be you, because you normally eat biscuits, but no… look! Is someone going to FESS UP to this or not?

I need a confession, otherwise I’m not gonna… Look I wanted that biscuit! Okay? They were my biscuits. You don’t have the right to take the last biscuit!”

There you go… TO FESS UP.

That’s today’s phrasal verb.

I’ll speak to you again tomorrow.