#28 – TO FLAG UP

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= to bring something to people’s attention, to mention something so that people know it
“I’d just like to flag up the fact that Luke’s English Podcast has been nominated for the Macmillan Dictionary Award for Best Blog 2013. You can vote by clicking here. I just wanted to flag that up. Cheers!”

Hello everyone, this is Luke Thompson, from Luke’s English Podcast.

…and here is your phrasal verb of a day.

It’s TO FLAG UP or TO FLAG something UP.

…and this means to mention something so that people know about it or to bring attention to something. Sometimes it happens in meetings.

– “You know, I just want to FLAG something UP”, for example.

In fact, I’d quite like to FLAG UP the fact that Luke’s English Podcast has been nominated in the MacMillan Dictionary awards again this year for the award for “Best Blog 2013”.

I just wanted to FLAG that UP just in case you didn’t know. Because I would really appreciate it if you went over to their website and voted for me if you haven’t already done it. Your votes could help me to win the competition which could be really great for Luke’s English Podcast.

So, I just wanted to FLAG that UP, and you’ll find a link to the MacMillan page on the webpage for this episode if that’s not complicated. Just go to teacherluke.wordpress.com and you’ll find this episode and you can just vote there or go to macmillandictionary.com.

Too many websites!

That’s it for this one. I just wanted to FLAG that UP for you.

I’ll speak to you tomorrow.

Bye for now.

  • Denis Paraschuk

    I’d just like to flag up the information that I’m going to visit Luke’s English Podcast in future as often as I can because I really like this podcast. I just wanted flag it up. Luke, thank you for your job.

  • I’d like to flag up my Facebook account. Please,anyone feel free to add me so we can be friends and share experiences www.facebook.com/raul.rojas.31586

  • Martin

    Hi, Luke,

    chip in X flag up
    both meaning is mention…. but there is small different in context….
    Chip in is in context of some conversation flag up is in context of attention for some issue but in verbal form is the same. Only sentence to some discuss or issue….
    Is it a right way…



    • To chip in = to add something to someone else’s conversation, or someone else’s point.
      To flag something up = to bring attention to something, e.g. a health and safety issue at work.

  • Martin

    Hi, Luke, so did I.

    Great work which really helps me. You deserve to receive the “medal”.


  • Stefano

    Ok, i voted right now! you’re doing a good job Luke, really!
    thank you a lot!!