#31 – TO GEAR UP

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= get ready for a challenge
“England will be gearing themselves up for their rugby match against France tomorrow”
(AP Photo/Ross Land)

Hi everyone.

It’s Luke here. It’s phrasal verb time.

Today’s phrasal verb is TO GEAR UP.


TO GEAR yourself UP (GEAR yourself UP for something or TO GEAR oneself to do something)

GEAR is like “G”-“E”-“A”-“R”, and this means to prepare yourself or to get ready for a coming event or coming action, to prepare yourself for a challenge.

Now, this is quite an appropriate phrase, because tomorrow there’s a big sporting event happening here in Paris, and that’s a rugby match between England and France, and this is a big competitive match between these two nations. It’s part of the six nations rugby tournament, and it’s always a very competitive match. The nickname of this match is the crunch. It’s always a sort of aggressive and exciting competition.

So, I’m sure that both teams are currently GEARING themselves UP for a big and tough game which is going to happen tomorrow. The fans will be GEARING themselves UP tonight, kind of getting themselves in the mood, maybe even kind of painting their faces and all that kind of thing. I’m going to the game. I’ll be there at Stade de France watching England hopefully destroying the French. Because obviously I’m English. I’m going support France [oh wow, did I really say this??], but mainly I want to see a good game.

So, tomorrow, afternoon, I’ll be GEARING myself UP for a great game of rugby.

There you go.

So, TO GEAR yourself UP means to get ready for a challenge.

There will be another one of these tomorrow.

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That’s it.

Come on, England!

Speak to you tomorrow.

p.s. France beat England 26 – 24. :(