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1. To return, e.g. to go home again
“It’s getting late, I’d better be getting back”
2. To retrieve something
“I’ve sent my iPhone away to be fixed and I’m not going to get it back for 10 days!”
3. To move away because of danger
“Get back, it’s going to blow up!”
4. To get revenge on someone
“I’m going to get you back for doing this! You’re not going to get away with it, I’ll get you back!!”

Hi everyone.

Today’s phrasal verb is TO GET BACK.



Now, it’s quite a common phrase, and it’s got a few meanings. Some of these meanings are really well-known. Like to mean “to return”.

You know? Like, for example,

– “It’s getting… It’s getting a bit late. I’d better be GETTING BACK”

– “I’d better be GETTING BACK. It’s getting quite late.”


So, to return, to GET BACK. (to go home)

You know?

– “I’d better GET BACK now. It’s a bit late”

To mean “to have something again”, “to retrieve something”, for example:

– “Yeah, my phone’s broken and I’ve sent it off to be repaired. I’m not going to GET it BACK until next week.”

– “I’m not going to GET it BACK until next week.”

– “I’m not going to GET it BACK until next week.”


– “I’m going to have to use my old Nokia again. I’m not going to GET my iPhone BACK for like ten days or something. How am I going to survive without my iPhone??? I’m not going to GET it BACK until, like, ten days.”, for example.


But also, we would say, for example, TO GET BACK – meaning “to move away because of danger”.



– “GET BACK! GET BACK! It’s gonna blow up! GET BAAAAAAACK!”

Also you can say “get down” as well.

– “Get down! She’s gonna blow”, just an example.

You might say:

– “GET BACK, please! GET BACK!

Please, GET BACK, because these fireworks can be dangerous. Obviously they’re very entertaining, but let’s not have too much fun. Safety first!

Please, GET BACK.

Thank you very much.

Keep going…

keep going back.

That’s right.

Keep going…

Keep going back!

No, further, please!

No, GET BACK! Please!

GET BACK! Even further than that”

…and they GET BACK until eventually they can’t see fireworks any more. But safety first!

But – no! Another meaning of these is “to take revenge on someone”.


“To take revenge”. So, for example:

– “I’m gonna GET you BACK for that! You’re not gonna get away with it. I’m gonna GET you BACK!”


For example, when you play a joke on a friend, let’s say, you leave a bucket of water on the top of the door and then, you go:

– “(whistle) Hey, John!”

…and then, John comes through the door, and of course the bucket of water falls on his head. And he goes:

– “Arrrrrrrh, you’re not gonna get away with this! I’m gonna GET you BACK!”

You know, for example.

…and then, you say to John:

– “Hey, John? Did you GET him BACK yet?”

…and he’s like:

– “Oh, no… I’m planning it though. I’ll GET him BACK for that”

There you go.

That’s today’s phrase.

Speak to you again tomorrow.